April 14, 2011

Spring Is In Bloom On the Prairie

A few years ago I purchased a white lilac bush and the second year I had lovely white lilac blossoms.  The third year my white lilac blossoms were lavender and pale pink.  At first I was disappointed, but then the fragrance and pale hues of pink and lavender won me over.  Lilacs are just my favorite heirloom flowering shrubs.  I have a bouquet next to my chair as I write this blog to you tonite.  The fragrance is heavenly.

Lilac are super easy to grow, will tolerate less than perfect soil and require full sun for maximum bloom.  Plant them under a bedroom window for fragrance at night.  The blooms are short lived, but spectacular and worth making room for them in the garden.

Being a farmgirl I adore vintage chick feeders and the one in this photo is my favorite.  It is a small feeder only 8 inches in length, but isn't it sweet?  I keep it on a shelf in my kitchen and tuck special cards, candy, and photos in it throughout the year.  Today, the little feeder is holding a French enamel house sign.

The chicks in the photo are made of concrete that I picked up on one of my junking jaunts and they sit on the shelf with the chick feeder in the kitchen.

The feeder and the chicks remain on the shelf year around but everything else changes around them as the seasons pass.

A chair at the farm with the sweetest embroidered garden pillow featuring a wheelbarrow filled with flowers.  I think the umbrella is a sweet touch.  I was amazed when I walked into the shop picked up the pillow and the owner told me that the pillow was $5.00 if I wanted it.  Sold.  I guess it was just my lucky day.

The blue tones in the pillow match perfectly with my chair that I sit in to enjoy my morning coffee when I am at the farm.  Simple pleasures...

My apple tree is in bloom and the fragrance, well smells like apples.  Dan pruned a few of the taller branches for me that I couldn't reach when I was pruning the trees earlier this year and I brought them into the house for a bouquet for the coffee table.  They look so perfect in a vintage white enamelware bucket.

Who can resist vintage calico aprons hanging on a rooster hook in the kitchen?  I think they brighten the kitchen and add alot of charm.  The best part is that they are so fun to wear when baking cookies with the kids.

I have planted my Zinnia beds again, weeded my flower beds...again, pruned my fruit trees, purchased my seeds for the vegetable garden, added three truck loads of compost to the veggie garden, and have already started dreaming about all the lovely blossoms to come in the months ahead.  Dan is dreaming of juicy red tomatoes.

How does your garden grow?  Are you a flower gardener, veggie gardener, tree and shrub enthusiast or do you just enjoy your neighbors blossoms and produce?

Blessings my Friends - Julie


Dorthe said...

Julie, oh that you already have Lilac`s blooming- they are some of my favorites,so beautifull--and your appleblossoms,too.
Just wantet to stop say Hello, dear-seems so long ago.

Jenni said...

wow, you have been busy at the farm.
My little studio in my back yard sits next to a white lilac and large crab apple tree.
The blossoms are wonderful in Spring, however lately the lilac has not been flowering very much at all, It may be because the crab apple is overpowering it's space and blocking sun. However I cannot bear to cut the crabapple back too much as it does provide great summer protection. It's interesting that yours changed color.

Lesley said...

A lovely post to read Julie.

Lee said...

Hey girl- we had some grading down around the house in the fall and we pulled out 2 ancient lilac trees and some bushes. The trees were as tall as the house, with only the top 3 feet blooming. The upstairs smelled great, but the trees were in VERY poor shape- hacked and hacked. So, this means NEW ONES for me!! Lilacs grow like weeds up here in Maine, they are every where!

I would KILL for that old feeder. I have 6 chicks in the brooder now! We lost three hens to a fox- of course, two laid the most gorgeous bleu eggs... These are all brown egg layers now, but who cares, there's always NEXT YEAR!!

magpie said...

ahhh lilac! one of my favorite scents in the world. can't wait!