How To Plant Vintage Glassware

Potting up vintage glassware like retro cups from the 70s, vintage stemware and sherbert dishes in vibrant blues is so special in your kitchen windowsill, on a table in your screened in porch or at your desk in your office.  They brighten up any a hall bathroom.

But, first things first.  You have to gather your supplies.

Cactus Potting Soil
Plants - succulent varieties

How easy was that?  Simple.simple.simple.

The fun part is going to your favorite antique mall, thrift store or junk shop and selecting your containers.

The second fun stop is going to your favorite nursery to select succulents.  Any variety will do so go wild.  One variety in a container is great, two is even better.

I like to pot up containers at my potting bench outside so that I can be messy and not worry about soil going everywhere as I always manage to fling it here and there.  I don't even know how I do it, but it always happens so I pot outside whenever possible.  

Here are my sweet euchervia and rose moss or portulaca ready to go into these sweet vintage cups.

I adore this pattern on this cup.  I really think I would buy the set of dishes if I found them.  I already own three sets, but I just don't think I could resist them.

Back to potting up the containers.  Chose your favorite container, be sure that it is clean - no junk store debris allowed - if it is dishwasher safe - run it through - that would be best.  Why?  You will be providing a warm, damp container -  the perfect environment for pesky bacteria to grow.  This can wreak havoc for your sweet little plant's roots.  Healthy soil equals a super happy healthy plant.

Remove your plant from it's plastic container by pushing up from the bottom.  Now you have to spread the roots so that your little plant will fit inside your container.  You need to keep as many roots as possible so gently push your finger up into the root ball and spread it apart or in half.

Put a bit of soil in the bottom of the cup, place your little sweetie in the cup next and then add soil around the sides as needed to bring the soil level up on all sides.

Now give your little plant a drink, just 2 tablespoons - I repeat 2 tablespoons only.  Too much water will drown your plant.  Plants need moisture and air to grow at the root level.  Too much water removes any air pockets from the soil and the plant will drown.

If you are potting an euchervia or hen and chick, remove soil from the plant on all sides and bottom so that it will fit in your container.  Use a deeper container for these guys.

Who could resist such a sweet little plant in a vintage glass sherbert dish?

 That's all there is to it.

Except, if your plant will be living inside place it in a sunny window - south or west exposure.  If your little guy is going to the office with you, place under a lamp and it will be happy.  Office lighting will not be sufficient - you need a small lamp.  If you are placing your plant outside - it has to be in a shady area as the container is so small that it will dry out in the sun super quick and will bake in the sun.

So, gather you containers and have some fun.  The containers are just darling at place settings, great gifts for teachers, Mom's love them, Nana's too, they are great for a fund raiser - kid's can do them, too. 

Happy Gardening - Julie