April 27, 2010

A Day In the Studio Making Jewelry Is Bliss

Another one of my silversmithing class projects - a necklace I like to call "Light of Heart".  The pendant features clouds made from brass and etched copper.  Floating above the clouds is a shimmering heart that sparkles and flashes in the sun.

This was my first project in silversmithing class.  Our assignment was to design a pendant with a bezel.  We were free to design our pendants to our own personal styles and each pendant that was made in the class were beautiful.  Everyone did a great job constructing their pendants.

I placed a silver tube in the back that is soldered in place that allows the snake chain to slide through lifting the pendant above the chain.  I originally soldered the tube to the top of the pendant, but later changed my mind opting for an elevated pendant instead.

Instead of sinking a stone into the bezel, I decided to add vintage German glass glitter.  I purchased a bottle at an estate sale many years ago, and only use it for special projects since it is so hard to find these days.

I am also working on some resin pieces that received a few flecks as well.  They are curing today and will receive another layer tomorrow.  I'll share those with you once they are finished.

I was busy at the bench today, preparing things for my upcoming show and I made a few things that I really love, like this rusty metal pendant with a cultured pearl set in the surface.

 I really love this piece...there's just something about the lustrous surface of the pearl set against the rusty metal that I love - it just gets me.

I also put together some fun BLING sterling silver rings - just for fun.

 A huge rhinestone cocktail ring on a sterling silver band that is adjustable so it fits any finger you like.  Isn't it fun?  Can't you just imagine wearing this baby out for drinks with the girls? 

I also made some other things, but I'll share more later...  I love productive days in the studio.  You know those days when the stars are aligned and you are holding your mouth just right and magic happens... I just love days like that!

Which piece is your favorite?

Blessings - Julie


OmWeaver said...

Julie - I really like the rusty piece with the peaceful pearl afloat. Beautiful!

stregata said...

Your silver pendant is lovely - very modern. I'm curious - did you treat the back of your rust pendant?

Esther said...

wow Julie!! beautiful design!! the first one is awesome.. but the rusty one with the beautiful pearl is MAGNIFIQUE!!!!

Lesley said...

Hi Julie,
I think my favourite has to be the silver and copper pendant. I just love the balance of it and the size is perfect.
Not sure about the rusty one, for me, but I agree that the purity of the pearl on the rust looks amazing.
And my Mum would have loved the bling ring!! Fun.
A very productive day. Love it when that happens.
Lesley x

Alice said...

They're all beautiful, but there's just something about that rusty pendant with the pearl.......

Judy said...

Wow, Julie I love everything!Sounds like you are enjoying your class. I would have to say my favorite is the rustic piece with the pearl.

SharonP said...

I love them all, but especially the silver and copper pendant-how thoroughly hip and modern, you are creating some gorgeous art!

Your metal class is much more sophisticated than mine. She just wants us to learn the basics the first semester, the second semester is when the fun begins!

Lee @ The Way I See It said...

rusty pearl!!