June 13, 2011

Steampunk Frozen Charlotte Doll Leather Purse

Once I had this vintage leather pouch in my hands with the awesome hardware and aged brown leather with great  texture I knew it would be a great foundation for something extraordinary.  I have had the pouch for several years in a wooden Black Walnut box that my Dad made for me...waiting to be repurposed into art.
This frozen Charlotte doll with one of her tiny hands missing was very interesting to me and I knew she would be an interesting element so she was added to the leather pouch as a focal point.  As an expression of the feminine and as a way to counter balance the leather and metal of the piece.

I added the vintage text...1801 to satisfy my fascination with vintage paper and numbers.  I then added a tiny rhinestone button as a bracelet for her wrist.  Charlotte was then given wings to fly.  Her wings were riveted in place on the leather pouch.  A heavy brass chain was also added to the pouch so I could carry it as a purse.  It's the perfect size for keys, credit cards and lip gloss.

This is my favorite Catholic charm from Italy of the Holy Mother and Child that I added to the heavy chain along with the Saint Patrick charm my dear gal pal, Marcy carried home to me from a trip to Ireland.

Two vegetable gardens and a flower garden expansion have been so much fun to plant over the past few weeks.  I just found passion flower seeds that I brought home from Italy that I have to plant tomorrow...yippee.

I hope you are enjoying the growing season.

Blessings - Julie


NuminosityBeads said...

Splendid, Julie!
Nice combination of elements.
xoxo Kim

La Dolce Vita said...

just brilliant!! love it and your header! very pretty!!

Pretty Things said...

Very pretty, and quite unique!

Esther said...

beautiful Julie!! love this purse, it seems very old. you did a beautiful work!

Diana said...

This handbag is so very very sweet Julie. Love those Charlotte dolls and with her wings she is ready to fly off to new adventures.