October 6, 2013

Fall Leaves EcoDye

Walking. Gathering.


Leaf prints.

Seeded prints.

Blessings to you - Julie

August 19, 2013

Plant Dyed Scarf

It has been difficult keeping up with my blog, time passes so quickly that weeks turn into months and I haven't made a single post.

The scarf above is one of my recent scarves in a blend of silk and wool. The leaf print is seeded eucalyptus, an amazing dye plant.

It seems that I have my favorite scarf and then a week later, I seem to have a new favorite.

I'll be showing my ecodyed scarves and shirts at the unPlaza show in September. I'll make another posting a bit later with the details.

I have been gathering native plants and gathering plants from my garden. It's so special to wear a scarf that has the memories of the plants that I collected and grew. Natural dyeing seems an extension of the gardening process.

This will most likely explain my absence from blogging...I have been dyeing almost daily. It's what keeps me young these days.

You can see more of my work on instagram - just search for juliepishny and you will find me.

I can also be found on Pinterest and Facebook.

Blessings to you - Julie

July 16, 2013

Tis What Keeps Me Young

After weeks of focused work humbly learning how to extract color from plants for dyeing natural fibers, I return to this blog to share that I am still here. Just consumed with a renewed love affair with plants and the magic they contain to heal our bodies, fragrance our homes and dye our clothing.

I have challenged myself to make a dyeing attempt everyday as I know that it will takes years of devotion to the cauldron to master the dyeing process. Dyeing everyday isn't practical, but it does keep me focused...tis what keeps me young...

I heard a couple of fellows laughing at me this week as I was carrying a fallen branch home with me after my morning walk. They were city workers with a truckload of branches from brush clearing and pruning of the city areas. It most likely went like this... "look she's trying to put us out of a job"...but more like "crazy b*%#@*s everywhere". I waved my branch at them and laughed along and they at least had the decency to look sheepish and wave back.

Those fallen leaves added a nice golden hue to my dye pot and looked ever so nice on silk.

Blessings to you - Julie

February 22, 2013

The Blessing of a Snowstorm

With twelve inches of snow falling softly and blanketing my world in fluffy white, my birdfeeders were busier than they have ever been.

This sweet Robin came to feed on snow covered seeds. I was fortunate enough to capture him with my smartphone. Robin's don't seem to migrate away from our area any longer.

My visitors were doves, titmice, chickadees, cardinals, bluejays, sparrows, wrens, finches, cowbird, starling, woodpecker, flicker, and a robin.

I cleared my feeders of snow covering throughout the day so the birds could find nourishment. It's our agreement. I supply the seeds, nuts and suet and the birds will allow me to marvel at their beauty. I feel that I am getting the best end of the agreement.

One of my favorite birds is the Flicker which are one of the most beautifully feathered birds with spots on their breast, a red V on the back of the neck and bright yellow on the underside of their tail. He came to enjoy the peanut suet feeder throughout the day.

February 4, 2013

Just One More Spoon Bracelet

This spoon has been sitting on my bench for possibly a year.

Today as I was cleaning and tidying up the studio and once again I saw this spoon bracelet just sitting there waiting for me to finish it.

Needing a project to try out a new patina I want to try, it was time to finish the spoon bracelet.

I really like the simplicity, the turquoise color and the silver heart dangle on the side.

I also put together a ring, necklace and another bracelet that I will share with you in a future post.

Blessings to you - Julie

February 1, 2013

Fabric Dyed With Plants

On my list of soulful projects is learning to dye fabric with plants. My hand being guided by the uber talented India Flint.

I purchased two of her books, reading them cover to cover and then went foraging.

This time of year it is very difficult to find any plants with dye giving juice, but I did find leaves from my sage bush and juniper berries. The local grocer provided organic blueberries.

This is the result of my first two dye baths...

I love the sage green tones from the sage with random stains of the blueberries.

The pink tones were from hibiscus flowers.

I am off to sunny California in May to attend India's dying workshop - so excited about the journey!

Bear with me as I master blogging from my iPhone...

January 31, 2013

Enameling Steel Wire

A wren couple came to live with me via my screened in porch years ago and we have enjoyed one another's daily company since. I provide the seeds and the suet - they in turn, provide me with delight as they flick here and there.

We raise new offspring together every Spring. Again, me providing food and bugs from my nearby garden. I delight as I witness their teamwork to bring forth new little Wrens, who quickly take flight to someone else's garden.

During an enameling workshop with Herb Friedsen it came to me that I would like to experiment with steel wire and enamel.

Herb Friedsen

I formed this little wren in steel wire and added a sterling silver branch as a perch. Off to class to ask Mr Friedsen if I could test fire the steel wire. He said, "Yes, let's try it!"

It worked brilliantly. Back in my studio, I added brass nubs to the branch and coral berries that dangle from the Wren's beak.

I added a pin apparatus and I know have a beautiful broach.

I hope that you are well and warm.

Blessings my friends - Julie

December 17, 2012

How to Create Lamb's Ear Roses

Happy Holidays, all!  I had the most beautiful lamb's ears this year in my garden and I decided to use them as ornaments for a simple pine wreath combined with sea holly and wild dark blue berries gathered from the farm.

As centers I used the fuzzy pods from my Star Magnolia tree.

I used three lamb's ear roses and one unopened blossom at the top.
Simple and fun to put together.
How to make lamb's ear roses for your home.
Gather lamb's ear leaves in all sizes.  You will use the smaller leaves for the centers and the larger leaves for the outside petals.
Begin with a stem cutting from your garden.  Look for unopened buds or seed pods on your shrubs and trees.  You will need a stem approximately three inches in length.
Fold a small lamb's ear leaf in half and wire the leaf at the ends onto the stalk of the woody stem you selected earlier from your garden.  Continue folding small leaves in half and wiring onto the stem.  Once you have petals all around the stem select a larger leaf and fold in half and add as the next layer of petals on your rose.
You will continue working in the round adding petals until your rose has reached the desired size.
I used thin floral wire to wire the petals in place onto the woody stem.
For the unopened blossom you will just add a round of small petals - no need to fold in half.  Use your smallest petals.
You can use this same method using any plant material that will hold together once folded in half.  Corn husks, leaves, etc.

November 28, 2012

Let Heaven and Nature Sing - Julie Pishny Bracelets

For those that need a little hope...
New bracelets for the upcoming show this weekend...hope you can join us.
Let Heaven and Nature Sing Show
Laurie's Little Potting Shed Shop
6741 Metcalf Avenue
Overland Park, KS
For encouragement to seek the strength within.
For the beautiful one in your life.
For the traveller...
For the equestrian...
For those that left their heart in Paris.
For the love of your life.
For the antique lover.
For those about to go into battle.
For the farm girl soul.
All of my bracelets are made with Italian leather that has been oiled for everyday wear.  This bracelet is made to be worn and is water resistant.
A silver plate is hand stamped letter by letter to create a unique one of a kind bracelet that is stitched or riveted onto the leather band.
The bracelet features a gunmetal snap closure with two settings for a comfortable fit.

November 27, 2012

Let Heaven and Nature Sing Show - Laurie Kessler

Paperwhites in Vintage Coffee Tin
Just pictures of a few of the Nature gifts for the upcoming Let Heaven and Nature Sing Show this weekend at Laurie's home in her garden shed shop located at 6741 Metcalf Avenue in Overland Park, KS this Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 4pm Friday and Saturday and 12noon - 4pm Sunday.
Handpainted For the Birds Feedsack Filled with Sunflower Seeds


Berry Cheerful Wreath
Acorn Bird Ornament
 Birdfeeder for the Garden
Vintage Statuary Birdbath on Stump

Vintage Potted Pine
Sweet Percy the Chat - not for sale...
Please join us - we would love to see you.