August 12, 2010

Deer Antlers and Vintage Blue Bottles

One of my favorite rooms at the farm is an upstairs nook with a comfortable chair for reading.  I found this great white deer skull with antlers at a flea market and knew it would be perfect for the wall above my white cupboard where I keep some of my favorite books.

On top of the cupboard are vintage glass bottles in varying shades of blue that look beautiful on top of the white cupboard under the deer antlers.  I can't keep from picking them up when I find them in antique and flea markets - I just think they are beautiful.

I had lunch with one of my pals, Marcy today at a new eatery called BRGR Kitchen.  They have a salad called the Al Greens with cranberries, red onions, cucumber, grilled chicken and a great sweet poppyseed dressing.  Delicious.  It is across the street from the Mission Road Antique Mall were Macy has a booth called the Black Curio.  We dropped a few things off at her booth and I went to find the tiny dice that I had seen there.  I think they will find there way into some new jewelry I have been designing.

The deer skull and antlers have been an ongoing conversation I have been having with my husband.  I think it is beautiful and I just love the way it looks in the reading nook.  Dan has a different opinion, he thinks it is a little creepy.  I guess it's just the science geek coming out in me...I love fossils and natural elements.

Marcy and I have decided to share a challenge called "Up to No Good" where we go into one of our favorite junking shops, make our selections and then put together a mixed media piece using only what we found, paint, and wire, screws, etc. to join the pieces together that represents our theme of - Up to No Good.

We had alot of fun browsing and putting together our elements for the mixed media work we would put together.

After our junking jaunt, Marcy and I went down to the Hobbs Building in the West Bottoms of Kansas City to see studio space she is considering for her sculpture work.  It looks like the perfect space for her.

We then stopped in for a late afternoon cocktail at a local eatery in the West Bottoms.  I had an Elderflower Spritzer - it was elderflower liqueur, pinot grigio wine and spicy ginger ale.  Delicious and very refreshing.

We had a fun afternoon together in spite of the high temperatures in the 100s we are experiencing here in the Kansas City area.

Tonight, we went to our favorite BBQ restaurant - Oklahoma Joe's.  They have this fantastic sandwich call the Chicken Z Man, and it is delicious.  A smoked chicken breast, two onion rings, mozarella cheese, mayo, and BBQ sauce on a toasted bun.  It's heaven on earth.


Sissy Sparrows said...

I love your taste Julie, I had a cow skull when I was a University and it sat on my desk for a few years....I didn't find it creepy, more of a connection to other things that once lived. I love the blue bottles... must say I am a little jealous of your reading nook!

Oklahoma Granny said...

The bottle grouping with the skull is fabulous!

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. I am so glad I discovered yours. I am right there with you regarding the deer skull. I have a husband with the same problem and I say it's his problem not mine. Keep up the good work.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Julie, this is just wonderful! I love those blue bottles juxtaposed against the white skull. So neat.

I'm up for air from my blog break and hope to be blogging again after the first of September. Life has been a jealous mistress of late. ;-)

Hope you are well and that you are enjoying the fleeting days of summer. See you soon...


Sheila :-)

La Dolce Vita said...

love your vignette, and great photos the skull up close, just fab!

Quinti ♥ Vichy said...

Hola Julie!! Thank you very much for your visit!! Excuse me my english please!

Lee said...

Hey Julie! Love your latest posts! That potato shovel is a GEM! Sounds like you've been having a great summer. I wondering if your skull is elk or caribou? The antlers don't look like deer to me. Anyway, hubby only has antlers, no skull, and I've been thinking about how to steal, er, borrow them...xoxo

Beatrice said...

Hi Julie!

I hope you´ve had a nice summer! :-) I have been working so much this summer, and it feels like I need a long vacation now...

I love your photos, they are so artistic. I think that you could even sell them to interior magazines!

I smiled when I read about Molly and her "turtle-hunting" :-). I think that she has great fun when she catches them and then bury them... my Mollie would for sure not hesitate to join her!

Have a nice Sunday!