February 8, 2011

Cuffs, Cris Car and Cupid's Gems

Another metal cuff, from the bench this week.  This cuff is made from patinated steel, brass and a luscious pear gemstone.

The Cupid's Gems show over the weekend was so much fun.  I loved seeing all the familiar faces, getting all those great hugs and getting feedback on my new jewelry designs.  Feedback is so important to good design for me.  I really need the feedback from customers to know what resonates with them and what is just not interesting to anyone but me.  This happens as I have a very quirky sense of style that just doesn't hit with everyone.

My Silversmithing Instructor, Genevieve Flynn stopped by to see me and two of her other students at the show.  She is brilliant and I just loved seeing her.  She was such a sweet surprise at the show.

I had alot of fun putting the table design together for the show with loads of mirrors, vintage boxes, books and a corseted mannequin.

This is the mock up of my table for the show that I staged the day before the show in my dining room to see how many pieces of jewelry I could comfortably fit on the table.  I added a vintage wooden thread cabinet that allowed me to add alot of pieces to the table.

and it was just cool.  Form and function, I love that!

This is the first in a series of cuff bracelets that I have planned for the upcoming weeks.  I am excited to continue creating and sharing them with you.

On another note, it's that time of year, to clean up our diets and get back to our exercise routines after the holidays.  I like to juice several days each week - it's delicious and super good for you.

Here's one of my favorite juicing combinations that I call a Green Booster.

1 pear
1 cup sugar snap peas
1 bunch kale
1 inch fresh ginger root
4 drops euchinacea

I am currently enjoying Cris Carr's latest book, Crazy, Sexy, Diet filled with not only recipes but the how, when and why of the human body and how to boost your immune system and balance your internal pH.  My sweet friend, Stacey Bruce recommended it to me and we picked up our copies together at the Barnes and Noble Bookseller a couple of weeks ago.  Thanks, Stacey!  We all need those personal cheerleaders in our lives that encourage us to be better to ourselves.

I hope you are all warm and well.  It was 9 degrees here today.....brrrr.  Only 40 days until the first day of Spring...

Blessings - Julie


Marcella Lally said...

wow julie, that drink looks really good. So green and healthy yum. Your display was even better in person!

Alice said...

What a lovely display! That thread cabinet is a great idea for added space--and very pretty.

The cuff you made is amazing with the unique gemstone!

The wind chill was 15 below here this morning. Another snow day here. Stay warm and have a great week!

La Dolce Vita said...

what a beautiful display and such gorgeous jewelry!

Riki Schumacher said...

Love your pieces Julie, and the display is just wonderful! LOVE the thread cabinet. Your cuff with the bead is so cool, beautiful statement. Thanks for swinging by, appreciate it. Might have to try that drink, looks pretty yummy. And healthy! I've been trying to get brave enough to try Dr. Oz's green drink! Hugs, Riki