February 5, 2011

Jewelry Display

My first show of the year went really well and the best part was seeing all of the familiar faces from my shoppe days at GardenologyKC.  I miss those gals more that I can tell you.

This was the display I used for the show which was a bit challenging as I have to work with just one six foot table so I added the corseted mannequin and a white wooden stool for a bit more surface area.

This corset was one of those finds that I am so happy about.  It does wonders for an ordianary dress form.

One of my favorite necklaces is the Italian enamel floral broach paired with large orange coral beads.  It will be a sad day when I have to let it go to a new home.

I added a vintage guilded Italian box, mirrored dressor trays and lots of small vintage books to my display this year for added height and shimmer of gold.

This vintage thread box worked well for added surface for what else, more jewelry.

A vintage glass box held my copper formed cuff bracelets.  The floral lace in this photo was an antique shop find that worked so well on top of the cut work table cloth I used for the table.

One last side view of the table design for the show.  I took these photos with me so I would remember where each component should be placed to save time moving things this way and that. 

My biggest problem at the show was that there wasn't enough room for more that 4-5 shoppers to be browsing the jewelry at the same time.  Alot of ladies were having to wait patiently for an opportunity to slip into an empty spot.  I think it made the shoppers feel a bit rushed as they tried to speed it up out of consideration of those waiting.

Connie and Nancy do such a wonderful job preparing for this event.  They take such good care of the artists spotting us at our booths as needed, providing snacks, cookies and always with big smiles.  They are really wonderful and so good at what they do.

The Thompson barn is so beautiful, a historic landmark of a classic Kansas barn.

Yup, here I am again in the mirror, but really I just wanted to share the cute dog figurine underneath the mirror.  He's one of my favorites and trust me I have dozens of them.

Enjoy the Day - Julie

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