February 12, 2011

Farm Goings On and Such

My sweet boy Angus, photographed by my sweet friend, Stacey on a recent trip to the farm.  She just grabbed my camera and snapped a few quick shots and seemingly with no effort came up with this photo of my best boy - Angus.  He's getting older and I know that this will be one of my eternally favorite photos of Angus that I will always love.  As you know, Angus was a rescue puppy and I have had him with me for the past 10 years.  I've loved every minute of it.

Ha.  This one cracks me up.  Another Stacey shot of Molly checking out a blueberry.

My son Ryan, with "Meaty" as he calls Molly.  She is a chunk and we love her anyway.  Poor Molly is currently on a doggie diet of only dog food and veggies.  We also have to limit her to her daily rations as she is a grazer like her Mom and will munch all day long if allowed.

Occassionally, a lone rider will pass by the farm in this instance one of our Amish neighbors.  See the horse's ears standing straight up?  That's because Angus was sounding the alarm by barking way too loudly.  He just wouldn't stop until the horse and rider had passed the barn.  My neighbor seemed to find this very amusing as Angus is only about a foot tall including his really big ears.  What he lacks in size he more than compensates with his loud doggie voice.  Wow, is that dog loud.

Sweet Dan is putting on the last coat of pain in my future studio space at the farm today.  I am so excited about my future studio space.  I currently work in my finished basement in the city, so I am super excited about all of those windows and bright white walls.  The next step is installing the hardwood floors.

Lots and lots of windows.  I will be able to view my flower garden from these three windows while I work.  Bliss.

I purchased a chandelier for the studio today at one of my favorite antiquing venues.  I love.love.love it!

I cleaned all of the crystals today and Sweet Dan is going to hang for me tomorrow.

This is the light that I found for the space above my kitchen table.  It has the prettiest milky white glass.

Another vintage fixture for the guest bath ceiling.  It was originally a tarnished brass, but with a fresh coat of glossy white paint it becomes perfect.

Some of my other favorite finds for the farm...

Lovely vintage cannister set.

Tiny procelain espresso set from Czechoslavakia.

Vintage aprons hanging from a French Rooster hook on my pantry door.

Green bakelite dominoes in an ironstone bowl.

And one sweet little cast iron bull dog.

I never get tired of designing my perfect sanctuary in the country.  Isn't it fun finding something special to add to your home that just makes you happy whenever you look at them? 

It's sunset and once again the sky is ablaze in hues of vibrant pink that looks so beautiful floating above the blue tones of the snow on the ground...what can I say, I am a country girl through and through. and it's here that I feel most like me.

Blessings - Julie


NuminosityBeads said...

The studio is going to be wonderful Julie, i imagine some wonderful things are going to come out of that space.
xoxo Kim

Teri said...

Julie--Do you have a certain space on your blog where I can see all things from the country home? I am so curious about this and would love to hear more about this and the house in the city. Do you live in both or will you be selling the city house? So many questions I have for you. Love the studio space.

Lee said...

Lovely post! I love all of the grea things going on at your country house- wish I could say the same for mine! I miss the Amish up here, the clip-clop of the horses. Back home you very rarely see them ride- they just don't in Pa. Not sure why. Anway, great photos!

In the Light of the Moon said...

Oh Julie I cant wait to see your studio when its finished..I get goosebumps just imagining your beautiful chandelier on the ceiling!!And all that light...ooh Im drooling now!!Big Hugs,cat

lulu said...

absolutely lovely! i dream of a country space all our own as well. your pups are adorable too!

campwandawega said...

I love this vintage set....

magpie said...

delighted to have discovered your blog by way of reminders2bepresent.
i'm going to explore for a bit & then for sure i'll follow & post to enter the giveaway.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

That is one fine looking studio space. I, too, painted mine white when I finally claimed my space. Now, of course, the walls are covered in this and that - some works in progress, some gifts from afar. Gotta love Molly and her "meat-i-ness", I am a dog person with a captial "D"!