December 12, 2008

Shoeless Collage

This image of a little boy without his shoes posing for a photograph has intrigued me for years. 

Is it because he reminds me of my son, Chris when he was growing up and perpectually looking for his shoes.  He just loved to go barefoot and kicked his shoes off as soon as possible everyday when he came home from school.  One shoe might be at the door, another in the livingroom, a sock here and another sock there.  He loved being barefooted. 
Did the little boy loose his shoes, didn't have any shoes, or just didn't want to wear them?  

The pressed viola's were from my Secret Santa Sister's Swap from Merle.  The violas anchor the handcrafted paper used in the collage another goodie from Merle.
The little fellow is behind a sheet of mica which acts as a window and gives the collage depth.  I chose the vintage stamp with the number 3 partly due to the color and also because I thought the little guy looks about three years old.
The cotton pods at the top of the collage were a gift from my mother in law, Anne.  She was sweet and brought a box of them to me last year.  I use them all the time in my work.

Pheasant feathers from Clark and Jody for a masculine touch to offset the vintage crochet heart doily.  Clark is a bird hunter, and I always ask for feathers he can spare.  I don't care for wild game, but I love the feathers.  Waste not, you know.  The spirit of the glorious bird lives on as art....fitting.

A vintage handwritten bit to showcase a tiny vintage key and it's finished.  

Thank you Merle, for inspiring this collage.  It all started with the lovely handcrafted paper my swap goodies were wrapped in with care.

The entire collage is mounted on a vintage book cover for stability and interest.  I added a wire for hanging with a couple of vintage brass beads.


Bonnie / Graybonnie said...

This is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Julie, his is so lovely, what a geogous photo too.

Lee W. said...

OMgosh, girl! You're putting me to shame!! I love your blog and your work! I have lots of ideas for your goodie pack, though!! ;-)