December 23, 2008


Terrarium globe with tiny euchervia nestled inside is one of my favorites for the Holidays.  There's something about gazing inside a globe at a living thing that soothes the soul.  I keep mine on my desk and look inside the glass whenever I need a "nature" break.  I makes me happy - it's all about simple pleasures.
Another terrarium globe containing a fern like plant which gives the globes an entirely different look from the stark container above.  

Terrariums are so easy to care for - just keep them moderately warm, give them 6-8 hours of light each day and watch them thrive in the humid environment of the glass container.
Hoya looks so lovely inside a terrarium, but outgrow the container pretty quickly.  Careful pruning will keep the hoya at a desireable size for your container.  A few snips with a pair of scissors keeps the plant in check.
A few of the terrariums that have been purchased and settled into their new home away from the shoppe.

Another terrarium containing a variety of plants in a column glass container. 
A tiny village terrarium complete with dojo nestled among the moss and ferns.

Begonias love terrarium environments and thrive.  Careful pruning is required as they grow quickly under glass.
Another mixed plant container with moss covered soil in an egg shape glass vessel.  Beautiful for offices, waiting rooms, or your home.  Perfect in the dreary days of Winter in the Midwest.

Terrariums require little care and if they are in a moderately warm room and receive the necessary light requirement remain self sufficient and can be left unattended for weeks.  The perfect living plant for those who travel frequently or those who want living plants that take care of themselves.  A great alternative to a cactus.

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