September 23, 2008

Making Wool Acorns

With all of the acorns falling from the trees it is the perfect time of year to sew up some wool acorns.  I loved making mine while watching television.  I am a passive television viewer -  always have been.  I just can't sit through most television doing nothing but staring at the screen.  Boring.  

I save most of my handwork for evenings spent with my hubby while he watches television.  We get to be in the same room, and with TEVO if I miss something, he just rewinds and we watch it together again.  Married bliss - one of the way couples spend time together.

I would much rather listen to NPR or something similiar while doing my handwork, but hey, compromises must be made.

I gathered acorn caps and cut out the acorn shape from a vintage wool coat that was no longer useful, stuffed them with polyfill and glued them to the cap.  I made them in various shapes and sizes.  Cast offs become useful again.  Don't you just love that!?  
I used acorn caps from a Burr Oak tree I found in my local park while hiking.  I always take along a plastic shopping bag stuffed in my pocket just in case I find something interesting and want to bring it home - like these fabulous acorn caps!  
My husband, Dan graciously agreed to drill the caps with a drill press and I inserted tiny brass screws for vintage string to be tied for hanging.  They make great tree ornaments, look great attached to wreaths, hung from bare branches, or placed on your Holiday tree.

My acorns are available for purchase in my Online Shoppe.

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Lana said...

Those are wonderful!
I am like you ~ I always have to have something in my hands to do while watching tv!