November 2, 2008

Metalwork Earrings

I found these beads recently on a trip to Chicago in a specialty bead shop owned by this wonderful woman who had been buying and selling beading supplies for 20 years.  She had a great eye and a wonderful assortment.  It's like being in a candy store for jewelry makers....   We are always looking for that elusive bead that is more beautiful than anything we have seen before and these beads were it for me.

The front side of the bead is clear to reflect the metallic hues of the square shape glistening from the back of the bead in metallic blue, purple, bronze, gold, and burgundy.

On the back side of the bead the squares become more defined so the bead is beautiful seen from the front or back.  

I designed these earrings so that the wearer could flip the bead according to their mood for two different looks.

The metalwork is sterling silver that was shaped and hammered to frame the beads - add a brilliant turquoise Swarkovski crystal for added sparkle and the earrings are perfect.

The earwires are handcrafted from sterling silver as well.  

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