September 23, 2008

The Art of Belly Dancing

I did it! I went to my first Belly Dancing Class tonight! It's alot harder than it looks and I felt like I had two left hips. I swear I haven't moved like this since I was first learning how to roller blade. I made some of these moves as I struggled to stay upright on my skates and then eventually wiped out. I actually caught myself with my tongue sticking out trying to get my hips to move against their will. I would catch my reflection in the mirror and have to stop and giggle a bit, get it back together, get my tongue back in my mouth and begin again. Was it ever FUN!!!

You girls have got to try this, low impact - great exercise. One of the ladies in the class following was in her mid seventies! So much fun everyone should give it a go.

How did I get into a Belly Dancing class? I met the instructor, Tanya Weaver when she came into the shoppe with her Mom. I was smitten with their warm Southern personalities - it reminded me of the wonderful women of the South I knew when I lived in Charleston, SC. There was something so reassuring about her demeanor that made me feel comfortable being under her wing for a new adventure.

After talking with her I felt adventurous and was captivated by how fun she made it sound - who could resist? I love to learn something new, don't you? It always gets my blood moving in excitement.

I found this video on YouTube - Enjoy the magic of Sadie.

Isn't she amazing? Unbelieveable really and so beautiful.

The History of Belly Dancing is a fascinating one and an ancient art form.

I'll keep you posted on my progress and my two left hips.

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