March 23, 2011

Winner of Prairie Thistle Spring Giveaway Is

 Jeanne d' Arc Living

The winner of my kick off Spring in a happy way by hosting Prairie Thistle Jewelry  giveaway is A New York Magpie's Eye - congratulations my friend.  My wish is that you wear the bracelet in health and happiness!  What more could you ask for, now really?

Stop by Maggie's beautiful blog filled with her amazing paintings and art work.  It's a feast for the eye and soul.  That's one of the best things about giveaways - meeting new amazing artists and fellow kindred spirits.

Today I ventured out for a bit of junking and here is a list of the things I brought home with me...

Two empty drawers with sweet little knobs, a crewel footstool, an Italian sconce loaded with crystals, a giant dictionary, a lovely creamy dress, a robin's egg blue vintage fan, a miniature pottery town, vintage clasp earrings, some vintage chains, an egg basket, a porcelain creamer with pink roses, monogram serving spoons, vintage autograph books, a banker's box with working key, and a cafeteria tray in turquoise blue to hold my works in progress.

Now which item do you think I am most excited about finding today?  Did you guess the Italian sconce with the crystals?   I saw one like it in one of my favorite magazines from Europe and thought how wonderful it would be to find one and six months's riding home with me in my car.  Yayy!
All in all a good day junking considering I only had a couple of hours to spare.  I ventured out to find more spoons and more chain for my projects in progress.  I did not find the spoons, but I did find alot of everything else!  That's the way it is with junking jaunts.  You never know what you will find.  Which is all the fun part of seeking and wandering about....don't you think?

 Jeanne d' Arc Living

Blessings - Julie


magpie said...

Thanks for the shout out.
I'm delighted to have won the giveaway.

Alice said...

Congratulations Maggie!!!!!

Julie, sounds like you had a great day treasure hunting! The sconce is just gorgeous!

Jenni C said...

You got some lovely things! That sconce is gorgeous.