December 6, 2010

Hope Looks Forward Silver Bracelet

A recent request for a silver spoon bracelet for a petite wrist with a lengthy expression prompted me to rethink the design to accomodate a smaller wrist size.

I detached the spoon bowl from the handle, modified the size making it smaller, stamped the bowl and then shaped it to fit comfortably on the top of the wrist.  I then trimmed the spoon handle making it shorter as well and shaped it to fit the side of the wrist.

A silver chain and lobster clasp were added making the bracelet ready for my petite friend who requested this bracelet to be made for them.  I love it so much, I am sure there will be more to follow.

I love this illustration with the sheep in the background and the young lass looking up to the heavens.  Since it is knitting season and I have been wool obsessed I thought I would share it with you.

Latest etsy addition...

Let Your Heart Take Flight Leather Bracelet - Purchase Here

I love the simplicity and cowgirl sensibilities of this bracelet featuring ancient Roman glass donut, silver donut, rhinestone rondelle, faceted brilliant blue gemstone bead and sterling winged heart charm.

Blessings - Julie

1 comment:

Judy said...

Beautiful bracelet and such a lovely sentiment, I am sure she will love it!