December 2, 2010

Mari Muinonen, Made By Myself Knitting Project - Krookus Cardigan

It's a quiet morning at my house with Angus on my left and Molly on my right snuggled in under a soft fleece throw - it's our favorite place to be on cold mornings.  So warm and cozy, it sets a nice tone for the busy day ahead.

Today I have several pieces of jewelry to finish on my bench that need to be shipped out this afternoon, it's also set up day at the Liberty Belle, and I still have to finish pricing and packaging new jewelry pieces for the show.  The day before a show is always a busy one and part of the process that we artists undergo to continue funding our passions, it's an ongoing cycle.  Design, Create, Promote and hope for sales.

As the temperatures begin to drop, I begin to yearn for fiber - there's something so soothing about the soft yarn passing through my fingers and the sound of clicking bamboo knitting needles.  It's how I wind down at the end of the day.  After reviewing literally hundreds of knitting patterns, this is the one I chose to knit. It's a sweater from the book Brave New Knits by Julie Turjoman.  The sweater I chose to knit is a design by Mari Muinonen, a school teacher in Finland that also designs knitting projects.  She has a wonderful blog - Made By Myself filled with original knitting designs for sweaters, socks, hats, scarves...her designs are simple and architectural - she has a free pattern section that is a must see.

The cardigan I am knitting is called the Krookus Cardigan - Krookus, which is the Finnish name for the flower Crocus chysanthus.  Being an avid gardener, the name sealed the deal for me.  I love the design, and the color is a vibrant fuschia.  I selected a soft wool fiber that is resulting in a very soft knit that will be so comfy to wear with the added warmth of wool.   The shorter sleeves and full flowing fit will make this sweater my new favorite cabled sweater as I can wear it inside without getting to warm.  A problem with pullover cabled sweaters that tend to be bulky and too warm for inside wear.  They feel great outside, but once you leave your car and enter a shop, you instantly get too warm.  Why do they keep shops so warm in the Winter, anyway?  Carrying around a coat or sweater is not a good shopping experience for me as I have to touch everything before I buy I the only one?

On my list of things to knit this Winter also designed my Mari -

This reminds me to share my White Elephant gift for the upcoming exchange at the next Fiber Guild meeting.

Love the soft buttery leather in a creamy shade of white with a sterling silver stamped plate stitched in place with brown thread and gun metal snaps.  Perfect for the fiber enthusiast - can't wait to see who will wear it at the end of the exchange.

Off to start my busy day....

Blessings - Julie

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Alice said...

Ohhh, pretty knitted things. I never learned to sew, knit, or crochet, and really never have the desire to learn. But I do admire a pretty sweater, and that coat is just beautiful!

I'll be at First Fridays in KC too--at Studio B in the Crossroads District. It would be cool if we could meet up one of these days, but honestly I never get to leave my table. I'm frantically trying to finish pieces, tag, photograph, and finish getting my holiday table decorations in order. Besides photographing my pieces, this is my leaast favorite part of selling. I'm hoping the weather is decent!!!

Good luck!