April 25, 2010

Collecting Elegance

The lilacs have been extraordinary this year and I have been gathering bouquets to bring into the kitchen where they fill the room with their heavenly scent.  The blossoms are fading and the last bouquet was brought into the kitchen today...if they only lasted a bit longer.  I may have to go in search of a lilac scented candle to take their place.

Silver Relish Tray - Purchase Here

I have found some lovely pieces of silver to offer to you this week.  All lovely and so elegant at the family gathering during the holidays.  This relish tray has a depression glass insert with a divider for two different relishes or pickles varieties.  It has a footed base and an intricately embellished handle.

I pulled open a drawer on a little wooden table in my house the other day while searching for something and found these great numbers that I had stashed inside with the best tarnished patina and bubbly glass covers over the numbers.  I was so excited, I had forgotten that I had them.  Now they have found a home in my kitchen window for my Spring decorating.  Don't you just love them?

Vintage grater - Purchase Here

A sweet little grater with a tin lid that would look so darn cute in your kitchen hanging from a peg, hook or knob or nestled in an ironstone bowl with your other kitchen gadgets.

I found this vintage glass pitcher at an antique shop and I have so enjoyed adding fresh blossoms for my kitchen.  I like the added height that the silver tray provides to the arrangement.  It's one of my goals to treat myself to fresh flowers from my garden this year and when there are no available blossoms they will be purchased at market.  I am loving this little treat that I am giving myself...I highly recommend doing something special that you love just for you.

Silver Basket - Purchase Here

This silver basket is so beautiful I can hadly stand to part with it.  So, if you want it you had better get it quick before I change my mind.  It's gorgeous!


I love how silver looks on a shelf arranged together will your favorite things...there's something so romantic about it, don't you think?  It reminds me of a gentler time and weekends at my Grandmother's and Aunt's homes.  They always set a gracious table.

Little Bird - Purchase Here

Sweet little bird was once a birthday present in 1951 written on the bottom of the figurine - so precious.  This little bird would be fun in an assemblage project or sitting on your shelf.


I hope you had a lovely weekend filled with fun Spring projects.  It rained here all weekend, but we managed to do a little yard work anyway.  The new trees we planted last week appreciate the Spring rains, I'm sure.

Blessings - Julie


elsiee said...

we took a road trip this weekend to see the poppy fields in bloom and all along the roadside people were selling Lilacs - we would have totally stopped and bought some if we'd been closer to home! beautiful treasures!!

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Julie, lilacs are one of my favorite memories from Kansas! We had huge bushes full of blooms in my grand mother's back yard. My favorite flower. I'm so glad you posted these beautiful pics, I can almost smell them! Riki xox

Möllebacken said...

Hi Julie.
Do you allready have lilacs? I love the smell of them. The spring must been a while at your place.
I also want to wish you a great start on the week.


Lesley said...

Some beautiful finds this week Julie, and the lilacs are glorious!
Lesley x

SharonP said...

Thank you for sharing such beautiful images of your lilacs and antique goodies. They are all very difficult to resist!