August 17, 2009

Fabric Collage Cuff Explorations - CHERISH

An experimentation with fabric as a collage medium led me to this cuff bracelet featuring a brass plate stamped with the word - CHERISH.

The fabric cuff has elements that I cherish like a golden butterfly charm encased in gauzy fabric, a vintage shell button, vintage lace fragments, a brown suede heart, vintage lace fabric and a yellow pottery button for the closure in back.

The cuff has vintage floral fabric and a woven fabric that resembles cross stitch material.  I used an elastic band that stretches over the button making it easy to put on and easy to wear.  The elastic stretches as you flex your wrist so it's very comfortable.

I made several cuffs in my exploration of fabric as a collage medium and this is by far my favorite.  Is it the colors, the butterfly, the mixture of lacy feminine fabrics with the masculine brass and leather elements?   Like all art, there is alot of the artist contained within giving you clues as to their inner soul.   In my art I often include the balance between yin/yang reflecting the balance between life and art.


Lee W - The Way I See It said...

I love these cuffs. I wanted to make one out of layers of dress pattern for a Somerset challenge, but I never got around to it. They look fun!

Lori said...

hi there:) i just read about you on your friend Lee's blog and hopped over here to say hello...i chose to comment on this post because i wanted to tell you that i just love the cuff you made...i recently participated in a fabric cuff challenge...the challenge for me is that i am NOT a seamstress by any stretch of what that title may imply...but i did have fun making it...i really like your sense of style...and i can see why Lee was raving about you!!!

Karen said...

Your cuff is so beautiful!! Love love love it!!

she dreams big! said...

Hello - I'm so glad I found you! Lovely, lovely is all I can say. I will return often.

papel1 said...

I found your blog through Google blog search for Cuffs.. I am working on a few with the ideas comimg from Sew Somerset. Enjoyed your blog. Yours is lovely.