August 17, 2009

Persimmon the Striped Kitten

Magical moments happen whenever I return to my roots and spend time at the farm deep in the rural areas of my childhood.  I always take my meditative walk along the rusty gravel roads that cut through the country side, enjoying the crunch of gravel beneath my shoes.  I can feel the bottom of my feet connecting to Mother Earth and I feel grounded and connected to the world around me more so than at any other time.  

There are hidden treasures underfoot that sum up the feelings deep inside my heart - simply love-  an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude for this moment.  

This heart shaped stone jumped out at me underfoot....catching my eye just for a fleeting moment as I crunched along on my journey among the quiet pastures filled with birdsong. Wait. What was that?  I retraced my steps backward and there was a heart made of flint.  

These quiet country walks soften my heart that becomes hardened with busy, hectic, overwhelmed, and frantic life in the city.  I close off my feelings to protect myself from getting crushed by too much stimulation in the form of traffic noise, rushing traffic and busy schedules.  To create balance in your life becomes more and more challenging as children grow up, responsibilities magnify and there never seems to be enough time to finish what needs to be done.  Visits to the country are my escape and balance to my alternate "city life".

As Dan and I strolled along on an evening walk at sunset, this little persimmon striped kitten called out to us loudly from the tall grass growing along the road.  We stopped to listen in silence.  Was that a bird?  

Dan immediately knew it was a kitten and again we heard an even louder, MEOW.  

We began to encourage the kitten to show himself and out popped this little orange head from the tall grass.  After a little more encouragement there were front paws - back paws - and then a very long ringed tail.
This little kitten was hungry, wet from the earlier downpour, and very frightened to be all alone.  He called out to us, but kept his distance, not allowing us to touch him but gladly following us back to the house all the while loudly calling after us - MEOW -  "don't leave me"...
Lost in the middle of the country abandoned along a gravel road by someone who didn't want him any longer.  There are no houses within miles of our farm.  Little kittens don't stray far from their mothers.

What would have become of this beautiful little persimmon striped kitten if we hadn't been visiting the farm in the country on this day and decided to walk in the direction of his hiding place?
Luckily for this little guy and luckily for us we found each other... I believe that cats and dogs are put here with us to rescue us from our self preoccupation.  Only something warm, soft and engaging could draw our attention away from our daily cares and concerns.  Pets are the bridge to Mother Nature helping us to focus on the divine in nature and encourage us to develop a relationship with the world around us.
I don't know alot about kittens but this little guy is seems so loving, gentle and soft.  Are all kittens like this?  I didn't have a cat when I was growing so cats seem a little mysterious to me.   What do they prefer eat, how do they like to be stroked, what frightens them?
Luckily Dan grew up with cats as his Mother is the type of woman who lovingly feeds strays and tries to find homes for them.  He knows alot about their nature, likes, dislikes, etc.  His childhood pet was a yellow cat named Toby.

Just look at his long whiskers...  He has light creamy fur under his chin and lots of dark orange striping in his fur.  His head seems elegantly shaped which reminds me of the images of Egyptian cats that I have seen.

Kittens are such comedians, swatting at dried leaves, rolling around with paws in the air, giving you that come hither look inviting playtime - hard to ignore and impossible to resist.

A round kitten belly and once again this kitten seemed so happy to have been fed a leftover pork chop from the evening meal, played with dried leaves and twigs, and been lovingly stroked.  He began to gently clean his fur and purr loudly in contentment. 

Golden eyes that match his beautiful fur look toward the road where he was hidden in apprehension.  Don't worry little cat, you are safe once again. 
The meeting of two hearts - a connection so deep and primal - two wild hearts meet with the touch of finger to paw.  A magical gift from the farm deep on the prairie.

Hello, magical little persimmon striped kitty.  We will do our best to care for you until we find you a permanent home with someone who will welcome you into their lives and return your love.  I am sadly allergic to cats and will be unable to keep him with us although I long to do just that.  I ask myself what type of life would this kitten have as an outdoor cat in the middle of the city?  Not a very good one I'm afraid, especially when Winter sets in. 

He would be much happier, safer and content to live indoors with his family.    This kitten is loving and very friendly - definitely not a touch me not cat.  For the time being he is living in my downstairs living room where he is warm, dry and safe until I can find him a loving home.
Look at the orange spots on his belly and long hair covering his ears... 


Lee W - The Way I See It said...

I lvoe roange cats. Kittens ar the best. You need Devon Rex (hairless) for yor allergies!

Kelly B said...

How precious!! I love cats!! My kids are allergic, so I can't have one right now... but they are my favorites. They aren't co-dependent like a dog. They are independent and so incredible. Your little guy is just divine!! :)

BB said...

I love the story about Persimmon. Kittens certainly have a way of capturing one's heart with their little "meows" and their playful ways.

My yellow childhood cat was named Mustard, but I like the name Persimmon much better!


KAW Said The Krow said...

What a wonderful story. Kittens usually come into your life that way. You don't usually have to go looking for one, they just show up.
Just like it was meant to be.


Jodie LeJeune said...

Awe Julie, this is too sweet! I am deathly allergic to cats too. Maybe that's a good thing because I love them so much and I know if I could, I would have every stray in my house!!! This was such a sweet post ~ he's beautiful.
everything vintage

hannah1 said...

Siberians are hypoallergenic for most people. Look into them. They are fluffy and gorgeous, but most people allergic to cats are not allergic to them. Also, if you wipe this little guy down with a damp cloth every day and get a good HEPA air filter in your home, you might be able to stay together after all!

hannah1 said...

Siberians are hypoallergenic for most people. Look into them. They are fluffy and gorgeous, but most people allergic to cats are not allergic to them. Also, if you wipe this little guy down with a damp cloth every day and get a good HEPA air filter in your home, you might be able to stay together after all!