December 23, 2008

My Favorite Things From the Holiday Season

One of my favorite garden art pieces is this concrete heart and dove "puddler" by Lisa Phelps.  It holds water when it rains - thus the name "puddler".  A shallow heart that fills when it rains.  I bring the heart in during the Winter months, but this photo is after an early frost.  The dove was sparkling in the morning sun.
Lights on my ornamental plum tree in my garden etched with frost - amazing.
Look closely at the tree branches decorated by Mother Nature after an ice storm. 
A photo of me and my oldest son, Chris.  He is tall and slim like his Grandad Joe.  Chris was born with a big smile on his face and is the light of my life.   Look at silly Molly who wants to be in the photo too!  
A photo of me and my giant husband, Dan.  We are quite a contrast with my dark hair and eyes and his light brown hair and blue eyes.  Polar opposites in practically every way.  I am cautious, he is the gambler - I am creative and he is an accountant.  But, we accomplish wonderful things together and make a great team.  I design things and he makes them for me - like the great tree corral below.....
I found images of a tree corral in a magazine from the late 60's featuring Czechoslavakian tree corrals and feather trees.  I had to have one - just in full scale for my Holiday tree.  I showed the corral to my talented husband and asked for one as a Christmas present.  Isn't it great?  It's my favorite decoration for the season.  
Another favorite that I pull out each year is my wire tree filled with glass pine cones on a glass top table.  I love the base that looks like tree roots.
A silver bowl filled with vintage glass door knobs.  When I was a little girl my bedroom door had a glass doorknob like these and I loved it.  So, hence my attraction to the glass doorknobs filling the basket.
A wrapped gift for my Grandma Hannah Mae who is an avid gardener.  I think she will like the blue flowers, handcrafted paper and the wooden butterfly that adorns the package.
This is a gift for my sister in law, Laurie who feeds the birds.  She has at least four feeding stations positioned in different areas of her garden.  Her favorite color is green so I know she will like the handcrafted paper, vintage bird card and stamped wooden clothes pin.
Christening gown hung on a branch  with a photo of my mother in law, Anne Marie as a baby hung on a velvet ribbon.  I think I will add a mother of pearl child's rosary and it will be perfect.   I also have a baby's ring and bracelet that might look nice hanging from the branches......hmmmm I'll have to give that some thought.

I hope you enjoy my Holiday images and favorite photos from the Christmas Season.  Happy Holidays and Blessings To All!  xox


Karen from A`Musements said...

Your home and family are stunning!!! You have such a great eye for all things creative... thank you for showing your wonderful home and decorations, and the great pictures of your family (how handsome!) Your blog is always so much fun to read, and the pictures are true 'eye candy' so I hope you'll have it up for a long, long time! Wishing you and your family a WONDERFUL HOLIDAY!!!

Lee W. said...

Your house looks amazing. I love the christening dress- I have quite a few baby dresses myself. One of them is in rough shape and I want to alter it.... someday!!

Your ephemera package is going in the mail today. I hope you enjoy it!

hugs- Lee