August 1, 2008

Farm Dogs

Here's Angus and Molly playing at the farm chasing one an other around the yard. After a good romp they like to jump into their pool of water in the tub outside that I always fill for them to cool off in and get a drink of water. I use my favorite galvanized vintage tub with thick rounded handles on the side. Molly jumps in before I can get it filled and I keep shooing her away until it is filled.
Angus drinks some of the cool water being careful to only getting his feet wet. He doesn't like water in general especially baths. Molly on the other hand loves the water and jumps right in and not only lies down, but dips her muzzle in swishing it around. Sometimes she just makes herself comfortable for a soak to cool off.As soon as Molly is finished with her soak and she jumps out of the tub it's a cue for a game of catch me if you can for the two dogs. Angus was built for speed and Molly is always playing catch up.

After a romp, Molly begins digging for moles again, while Angus contents himself with lying in the sun close by. We never have any problems with moles in our yard in the city as Molly has chased them away long ago.

Now she is working on the farm lawn digging, burying her head in the dirt, sniffing for a mole close by. I'm now sure how she keeps the dirt our of her eyes or nostrils, but she loves it. She will tear up the lawn for awhile and then the moles will move to a safer location which is out of the yard. Good girl, Molly!

While all of this is going on, Angus lies in the grass nearby dozing. He has no interest in Molly's digging for moles until she actually finds one. Until then he contents himself with sun bathing.

After all that digging it's another dip in the doggie pool. Then it's time to indulge me in teaching them a new trick. Molly's new trick was to allow me to put her in the tire swing and swing her back and forth. She did really well. Terriers are easy to train.

Angus on the other hand would have nothing of it, but did agree to jump through the tire swing on command. I am able to train them without doggie treats, replacing the treat with a high five and lots of "What a good boy or girl!"

This is Molly's expression of "Are you done yet?" I don't like it, but if it makes you happy....

This expression is Molly begging me to throw her ball for her so she can chase it. She is so cute that it always works.
Here's my girl racing back with her ball after I have thrown it for her. I limit the amount of throws due to her onset of arthritis. If she chases her ball too often she hobbles around the next day which makes me sad to see. She would chase the ball all day if I would continue to throw it for her. She just can't resist chasing that little green racquetball.
And here's Molly when she is hot and tired and taking a break before the next round of fetch. Notice her ball is close at paw. She keeps a close eye on her ball so that she doesn't loose it.
My hound puppies love the farm because we spend alot of time outside with them, there's moles to dig for, bugs to chase, cows to bark at and red squirrels in the trees. My little dogs come home as exhausted as we do after a weekend at the farm. They usually sleep during the entire ride home which if you have ever had a terrier is amazing in itself.

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Kathy said...

What a super fun post. Those sweeties are adorable!!! I especially love the photo of Molly hanging out in the tub, and the one in the swing is SO precious too ~ they are all wonderful.