February 16, 2010

Fabulous Finds From the Weekend

Image Courtesy of Jeanne de Arc Living

Over the weekend, I did a little antiquing and found some things to share with you.  

Silver Bowl - Purchase Here

Little silver bowls are perfect for seashells, acorns, jewelry, rosaries, little beach pebbles or a base for a candle - perfect for any arrangement.
It has been very cold here, but it seems that the sun will be shining on us once again today.  Halleluya!  It's something to get excited about around here as Winter continues to cover us with snow and cold temperatures.  Our family is sharing a cold virus that started with the youngest and is now making it's way around the family.

Small Ornate Candlesticks - Purchase Here

Tiny candlesticks are very ornate and small enough to tuck into any display where you want to add a touch of romance.
I did manage to get out of the house and travel to Hannibal, Missouri over the weekend where I found these antiques.  My husband was attending a historic wooden floor restoration workshop, so I went along and spent the days wandering while he was in class.....

I spent the morning browsing shops and then had lunch at a little tea house where I had a delicious spinach salad with mandarin oranges, cranberries and walnuts.  My Earl Grey tea was served in a vintage teapot with a vintage cup and saucer along with home made raisin bread.  Yummy! It was so wonderfully quaint and feminine...  I sat by the fireplace and read a vintage letter I found at an antique store written by a young woman who was staying at a hotel in 1896... it was a sublime moment.

Tiny Alarm Clock from Germany - SOLD

This little alarm clock from Germany is only three inches square and has glow in the dark hands.  It has the most charming tic.tic.tic sound which reminds me of my Grandmother's house as a child.
The first day was busy and fun, and then it began to snow... and snow.... and snow....  I had planned a trip to Quincy, Illinois which is across the Mississippi River from Hannibal the following day.  

I decided to venture out in spite of the snow and drove across the Mighty Mississippi - it took 18 Mississippi's to make the crossing.  I'll translate that for my international friends...  Here in the States, we count as children - One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi and so forth as it takes approximately one second to say each one.  

As children we count the time between lightning flashes and the rumble of thunder to gauge how close the storm center is to us at night in our beds... in an effort to console ourselves.  We have violent thunderstorms in the Midwest during the Summer and they can be scary for the little ones.  Our parent's teach us this little trick to reassure us that we are not in danger.  Once we learn this counting method we use it during storms, games of hide and seek or just for fun as an adult to gauge just how wide the Mississippi River really is as we drive across.

Vintage Sewing Bobbins - SOLD
Vintage sewing bobbins are great for altered art projects or look great in an ironstone dish.  Use them in your jewelry making endeavors, add them to a chipped paint board with a screw for a whimsical hanger for artwork...

When I arrived in Quincy which is a lovely town filled with remarkable Victorian homes it was covered in snow and all of the shops were closed for the day.  It was disappointing, but not everyone has a four wheel drive vehicle so I am sure that there would not have been alot of shoppers that day.  That's the way of antiquing, you never know how the day will turn out which is part of the excitement.  I did enjoy driving around the city sightseeing in spite of the snow which I thought was really beautiful.

I love putting garlic, fresh ginger root and shallots in ironstone platters in my kitchen they seem to go together so well.  

It was an adventure traveling to Hannibal and Quincy over the weekend.  The shops were filled with friendly folks ready for conversation and to offer assistance when needed.   My husband's workshop went well and I had fun getting out of the house and exploring a bit.  I did miss my puppies while we were gone over the weekend, which was mutual.  Molly chortled and yipped in happiness at our return and Angus was at the door to welcome us as we arrived.

Tiny Dancer Silver Ring Caddy - SOLD
Isn't she pretty, a tiny silver dancer to hold your jewelry or to just look pretty on a dresser or shelf.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that some of you had sunny, warm weather where you are...we were in the teens here in the prairie lands.  The landscape is all dressed in white, gray, blue, and driftwood tones - it really is beautiful.  There is more snow in the forcast for the upcoming weekend...


Riki Schumacher said...

Julie, I'm so impressed with how your blog and store look! They are both so easy to follow, elegant and well organized. Well done! Your necklace is on it's way. Take care, Riki xoxo

Lori said...

great finds...the wee clock is adorable!!!

Deb said...

Wonderful finds.
I have a similar little tiny dancer silver ring caddy in my downstairs bathroom. My daughter and a friend were thrifting in the "big city" a while ago and he spotted it and said "I am getting this for your Mum ...it looks like something she would love" :-) And he was right! It's adorable ♥

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Such charming finds and the tea sounds so yummy!

Rustique Gallery said...

Hi Julie, These are really sweet finds. I too, love your blog and store. Where can I find info on ProStores? I'm interested! Thanks,

Riki Schumacher said...

Thanks for stopping by Julie. So glad you like the necklace I made! It was fun to do. Take care. Riki xoxo