September 25, 2008

Sleeps With Dogs Necklace

I admit it, I occassionally sleep with my dogs, Angus and Molly. Especially in the Winter when it is really cold or when Dan is away. They are great little snugglers because they love to be under the blankets. Especially - Angus.

It seems to be a trait of the terrier breed to enjoy being under a blanket.

Molly on the other hand, gets too hot under the blankets and can never stay under for very long. She crawls out and stretches out - panting. Doctor's recommend that you don't sleep with your dogs in the same room due to the interruptions throughout the night. The interruptions my dogs cause are in the form of wanting in and out of the blankets.

Oh, just a minute, Angus is wanting under his blanket as I type. He touches my arm with his cold, wet nose and if that doesn't work he whines. That does the trick. He's quite polite about it.

This necklace has lots of labradorite in different cuts, a stamped copper plate featuring "SLEEPS WITH DOGS" and a vintage photo of a dog on the back making the necklace reversible. I added in blue pearls and the necklace is unique and has a cheeky sense of humor about it.

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