July 21, 2008

Vintage Bottle Chandelier

I thought the crystal chandelier in the dining room was boring so I decided to create a vintage bottle chandelier. I had been collecting some old bottles in shades of brown, cobalt blue and various clear bottles.

I wired up the bottles and replaced crystals with vintage bottles for a ver interesting effect. The boring crystal chandelier took on new life with the colorful bottles dangles in the sunlight. I just need a few more cobalt blue bottles to finish the chandelier.

The chandelier looks great during the day and at night as well. It fulfills my need to take something I love like old bottles and use them in a new way. I like to live with my collections and it is always a challenge to find new ways to do that. I have another chandelier in the house over the stairs that I need to find a method of transforming into something interesting. I am still working on that one. But, this one I love.>

1 comment:

Kim Carney said...

it is fabulous!

I want one ;)