July 21, 2008

Zinnias At The Farm

I'm sure you remember that I planted alot of zinnias at the farm earlier in the Spring. The weeds were terrible as the beds had been left to ruin for a couple of years. I pulled weeds, pulled weeds and pulled more weeds only to return a couple of weeks later to find the entire bed filled with weeds yet again. This is a photo of what the bed looked like after I planted the seeds.
I would return to the farm, pull the weeds, water the seedlings and hope that Mother Nature would water them for me during my absence. Luckily we have had a wet Summer season and the zinnias survived the neglect.

I have zinnias in pinks, oranges, reds, whites, and even green. I love zinnias because they remind me of my Grandma and because they are survivors. They battled the weeds for sunlight and moisture surviving where alot of other flowers were choked out. They also make beautiful cut flowers for the table. You have to love a tough little plant with such beautiful long lasting flowers.

I love them so much that I want to collect seeds this Fall and plant them again next year. Hopefully, I will be able to fill the beds again next year with Zinnias. I highly recommend them, they are not fussy flowers and do well in hot Midwestern Summers. a

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Lady Collum said...

Oh, I just loved your photos of your Zinnias. I love Zinnias! My lst experience with them was planting them in an old wooden & aluminum milk crate, with the help of my 2 yr. old daughter. How delighted she was to see them growing until, finally, they bloomed so beautifully! I planted some in a pot late spring and now they are blooming on my side patio. I must take a picture and share! Thanks for sharing yours.