July 21, 2008

City Boys In The Country

City boys in the country are always fun at the farm. We loved it when our city cousins would visit the farm during the Summers. They thought that playing the country was so much fun that ordinary things like a tire swing took on a new light again.

My dear friend, Joy and her family came to visit the farm over the weekend and we had so much fun with their boys, Cole and Evan.

Dan found this old tire in the barn lot and brought it to the house to be fashioned into a tire swing for the boys. The boys went with him to roll the tire to the house, one carrying a hoe just in the event of snakes and the other helping to push the tire.

Once they got it under the tree, they took the drill and put in holes for drainage when it rains. Dan hung the tire on a length of chain that attached to the rope and the boys were ready to break it in.

When I was little my parents and aunts & uncles would give us a project and watch our progress offering encouragement and laughing along with us as we struggled to figure out how to work together as a team. It started with enthusiasm, which quickly turned into dismay, which lead to blame, a little arguing and eventually victory.
I asked the boys if they would put a hammock together for me and the youngest, Evan said, "Sure"! The stage was set. With the adults looking on from the porch the boys began putting the hammock together. Evan asked, "What is a hammock anyway"?

They didn't have any idea what the finished product was supposed to look like and there weren't any instructions but they went through the various stages of working together like I did with my siblings when I was younger.

We laughed when we heard Cole tell his younger brother that it was his idea to put the hammock together in the first place after Evan refused to help any longer.
The boys prevailed and enjoyed the spoils of victory. Lying on a hammock in the shade with a cold drink on a hot Summer day. We were so proud of them. Aren't they cute?

Here's Evan on the tire swing being pushed by Dan. Look at that grin - priceless.

Running through a cold sprinkler during the Summer. Remember the last time you ran through a sprinkler to cool off during the Summer?

I didn't run through a sprinkler but I intentionally took my time picking green beans at the farm when I moved into the sprinkler I had on my cucumbers. It was so shockingly cold, but so refreshing that I managed to finish three rows of green beans without stopping on a hot day.>

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