June 23, 2008

Laurie Kessler - The Potting Shed Creations

This is Laurie Kessler, my sweet sister in law, who pots up all the enamelware and vintage containers from the 30s & 40's for the shoppe. Laurie has a good eye for plant combinations using annuals with herbs, and the like. Her combinations are colorful and imaginative.

Laurie's garden, which will be featured in an upcoming blog is filled with farm style containers bringing a little bit of the country into the city garden. When I did the "city mouse" pendant I thought of Laurie as she has a country girl soul, but lives in the city. Her garden is filled with lovely flowers and whimsy of the farmgirl spirit. The latest addition this year is a great goldfinch feeder made of the insides of vintage coffee pots. I'll post a photo soon - her husband Bobby, made it for her garden and it is so clever.

Laurie has been doing the potted containers at the shoppe for past couple of years and they are always a big hit with my shoppers. Many of the gals come back to the shoppe for more of Laurie's containers for those areas of the garden that need a little spark of interest. They look great at outdoor parties as table centerpieces. AND don't forget the hostess - Laurie's containers make great hostess gifts. They are perfect for anyone and any home. Just browse through any magazine and you will see plants, plants, plants in a wide variety of containers.

Tricolor sage and heliotrope in a galvanized container - yummy - and the scent.......heaven. It reminds me of a watercolor painting. Laurie's potted containers are living art for the garden.

Hens and chicks combined with thyme in an enamelware container.

Laurie's containers are going fast - so get to the shoppe and pick out one for your home. Some of the containers are filled with perennials that come back year after year. See you soon!>

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