June 30, 2008

Prairie Thistle - Tintype Musings

I have always been filled with wonder when holding a tintype photograph for many reasons. The antiquity, the small size, the ingenious design and the rarity all intrigue.

I always wonder about the person in the photo, who was she, what was her life like, how old was she, where did she live? Always expressionless, holding very still for the photographer, the faces are mysterious. All tintype photographs are beautiful in muted tones and seem to be in the shadows where our true selves often live.

Mark Twain once said that we are like the moon. We all have a dark side that no one can see. So what do we do with the tintypes we find in antique stores? Some one's lost relatives - will we end up in an antique store someday? Our family photos cast to the wind? If so, I want my photo to be used in jewelry or art in some way. I want to be worn and enjoyed. Please....not in someones basement in a box, or stuffed in a drawer. Live with me and let my image give someone pleasure. A great conversation piece - that's the legacy I'd like to leave in my wake.

This fascination with tintypes lead me to this assemblage necklace. The woman in the photograph can be labeled in any way as she is a mystery now to all of us.

I chose "BUMPKIN" as it seems the opposite of her demeanor in the photograph. My sense of humor and love of the absurd has a tendency to show up in my work quite often.

The tintype is riveted in place on a hammered brass plate with a stamped copper plate attached to the front. I like the mix of metals in this pendant. Gold, copper, and grays of the tintype seem to blend so well. The pendant dangles from a vintage skeleton key and has a vintage rosary bit dangle with a vintage round jet glass button attached to the end. A tiny sterling silver cross dangles beside the rosary bit.

The vintage key is attached to a string of slate blue pearls. The closure is handcrafted. The necklace hangs 28" in length. A true one of a kind piece. The only one on the planet - I like that idea.

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