June 3, 2008

Farm News - Flower Beds

At the front of the property along the road is a long curbed flower bed. It has some iris in it now and had alot of weeds otherwise. I spent the afternoon weeding the bed along the road and then seeded it with flowers like giant marigolds, zinnias, flax, money plant, coneflowers, blanket flowers, and many more. They have come up and are about four inches tall so far. If Mother Nature continues to water them for me I should have blooms in mid Summer.

Lots of hummingbirds have been flying around searching for flowers, but strangely there is nothing in bloom other than one rose bush on the entire farm. I hope to remedy this and have started with seeding the front bed.

Peony blossom that smelled heavenly. One of my favorite scents of springtime. I picked a bouquet and the kitchen smelled wonderful all weekend.

I finish this post with a photo of one of my favorite trees at the farm. A massive red oak tree that must be over 100 years old. It has a lateral branch that would be perfect to hang a sign that welcomes visitors to the farm. It is on the East side of the old barn and is one of my favorites at the farm.>

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