May 29, 2008

First Friday - ShawMad T Shirt Launch

My son, Chris Oldham launched his first set of ShawMad T-Shirts at First Fridays in the Arts District last month in the Key Construction Parking Lot. Chris did the mural on the side of the building last Fall. The guys at Key Construction like it so much that they encouraged Chris to do a First Fridays event at their building doing chalk drawings in the parking lot.

Long time friends joined the celebration by playing some kickin tunes while Chris did a chalk drawing in the parking lot. They are just putting their band together and from the demo I heard they are really going to do well. All the members have played in other bands, so their experience is extensive and they are very talented. The drummer, is one of the best I have had the pleasure to hear.
Some of Chris' designs are shown in the photo below including the Rat Rod bike he built that was featured in a previous blog. The Birds & Bombs T-shirt (lower left) is my favorite as it speaks to the wisdom of nature. The bird seems to be singing out against mans never ending desire to blow things up destroying entire eco systems in the process.

The yellow shirt is called Bomb Envy - the desire to have the biggest bomb - again our destructive nature gone wild.

The trolley car pulled into the parking lot and tango dancers flooded in to dance to the music being played. They were pretty fantastic!

This couple was high energy and the guy reminded me of Bono from U2.
Isn't she lovely?

Here's Ryan modeling one of the ShawMad T-shirts Raven & Skull that Chris designed featuring a raven and skull.

Here's Ryan doing a trey-flip on the Evil Rabbit board he received from his Aunt Laurie & Uncle Bobby for Christmas.
Another skater doing a skid stop.

Chris taking a quick break from his chalk drawing for a photo of another of his designs the F-Bomb shirt featuring a bomb with an F with the inscription "Use caution while dropping".
The chalk drawing was great - a spaceship filled with "corn aliens" were hovering over pigs below feasting on small ears of corn. The jest - that corn was planted on the earth so that "corn aliens" could capture pigs to eat. All done in cartoon style and very funny.

It was a cold night, but a great time at First Fridays. Chris' ShawMad T-Shirts can be purchased in the shoppe at GardenologyKC or online at>

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