June 5, 2008

Farm News - Vegetable Garden

First, I have poppies! Aren't they great???

Okay, the vegetable gardens. First, my dad came over with his tractor and planter to seed the peaches and cream sweet corn field. The soil looks great, is loose but rocky. We will be picking rock out of the garden every year when we plow. With each freeze during the Winter rocks are pushed up to the surface of the soil. We will have a large rock pile close by the field of corn.

Dan tilled the vegetable garden with a tiller his Dad had given his mother for her birthday in the 70's. She is still not amused by this gift even after 30+ years. The real joke is that this tiller is a beast! It would wrangle any woman to the ground if she were bold enough to attempt tilling her garden with it.
Thankfully Dan can wrestle this beast into submission and the tiller does an excellent job of tilling the soil for a garden. I purchased a tiller for Dan for Father's Day from Home Depot and it didn't hold up well at all. The tines in the front bent and then broke completely. We welded them back into place, but it's half the tiller this beast from the 70's is.
That's Angus in the background offering moral support. We planted green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, collard greens, kale, radishes and pumpkins.

Dad on his way home. My parents live close by and take care of the farm in our absence. Dad's tractor is an old John Deere. I'm not sure how old it is or if it is considered an antique. I think he has several John Deeres of varying sizes and ages. One requires a manual crank to get it started. It still runs - nothing runs like a Deere you know......>

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