June 6, 2008

Farm News - Favorite Things

During a visit to the farm there was the most beautiful full moon shining through the trees. It is so quiet in the country and we could hear coyotes in the distance and the occassional hoot of an owl. Sublime.

I had this bird cage and stand in the shoppe for awhile and it didn't sell so I took it to the farm. I added a ironstone platter for reflection, a large pillar candle and buckeyes scattered around the bottom of the cage.

This is the mug I use for my morning coffee when I am at the farm. It has a red pony express rider on the side. Just look at that view - the birds sing to me while I sip my coffee. There always seems to be a breeze at the farm. It must be due to the position just over a ridge. My favorite serenade comes from the Mockingbird. I counted 8-10 different calls before he started from the beginning. Never the same order, but the same calls.

Molly joins me for coffee each morning, with her racquet ball. I throw the ball into the yard while she scrambles down the stairs to find it. She has a great nose.

One thing I dreamed of was a fire pit. Dan installed one for me and in the evenings after a steak dinner enjoy a glass of wine around the fire pit. It is about six feet in diameter so that we can put our feet up on the edge without being too hot.

Sue Brockmier, creates these wonderful stained glass windchimes. I hung mine over my kitchen sink that faces West. In the evening, the sun shines into the window and the chimes come alive. They are really beautiful. Sue just brought in a new collection of chimes and suncatchers to the shoppe - stop by and check them out. The prices are fantastic!>

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