April 18, 2008


How do you display your collections? The average person owns 5.6 collections. Collections are considered a hobby by some and an investment for others. We find such pleasure in finding the new addition to one of our collections.

I personally have the following collections: old stamps, rosaries, vintage gardening books, ironstone, old Bibles, Italian sculpture, vintage porcelian Madonnas, images of the Madonna and child, original art, old buttons, flower frogs, vintage ornamental concrete, vintage children's teapots, vintage beaded purses, arrowheads, tiny stoneware bowls, Italian figurines, vintage wicker plant stands, vintage knitting needles, vintage linens, and I am too embarrassed to continue with this list as it has become apparent to me that I may have a problem......

I plan to display my vintage gardening tools in this fashion on a rack against a blank wall in my gardening space at the farm. I love the floor too! What a happy place to pot up containers.
I love to find vintage stoneware pitchers. I use them to hold pens & pencils, and any other miscellaneous smalls. They are classical beautiful and fit any decor scheme.
My sister in law, Laurie provides the shoppe with metal bottle caps that we use in mosaics, garden art projects, etc. I love to find ways to recycle them - they are so functional and colorful. I recently added beer bottle caps to a jute string and tied them around a jute gift bag for my brother in law's birthday gift for fun.

I really like the way the caps look in these shadow boxes. I can't wait to put one together.

Another collage wall filled with initials and cherished gathering of vintage prints has a modern feel.
Collections can share the same color pallette or the same era in feel. Karen Kessler creates the most fantastic collections throughout her home. They are delightful to look at and each tells a story - I'll take some photos to share with you soon.>

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