April 18, 2008

Tale of Peter Rabbit

Everyone's favorite rabbit - Peter Rabbit. I found these illustrations from an old children's book and thought they were so visually appealing that I had to share then with you.

The tale of Peter Rabbit is a classic story for Spring as the bunnies begin reproducing and gobbling up our seedlings and the ongoing battle to keep them from destroying our gardens begins for another growing season.
Look at the little bunny in the blue jacket - I have seen this same "look" on my son's face when I told him to finish cleaning his room before playing video games.
I find that every little bunny prefers peas and beets over radishes! I usually have to plant the beets and peas twice each Spring - once for the voracious appetites of the rabbits and the second time for me! They never show any interest in my radishes as depicted in this illustration. Who grows carrots anyway? If you don't plant them in a container it's just wasted garden space in my experience to do them any other way.

I did resort to adding a fence 30" tall around my vegetable garden and I did catch a rabbit once in the fence - a gruesome discovery that my kids still talk about. However, the rabbits still invade my garden but not as easily. I also planted shrub roses to increase the level of difficulty for those pesky rabbits to navigate through. I put Mother Nature to work for me at every opportunity. It has been very effective, however it also is a painful process to keep them pruned. If I had to do it over again, I think I would have skipped the roses with all of their thorns that cause my husband to curse the day we decided to plant all of them. We have about 24 shrubs that we prune into a hedge. I don't know what we would do without our chipper shreader....
Now if I can just conquer the robin's that eat all of my strawberries every year!


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