May 1, 2008

Inspiration - Circus

The easiest place to find inspiriation is hands down the internet. I find inspiration in lots of places but, if you want to browse through hundreds of books in an afternoon check out your favorite web browser. I am an internet junkie and spend hours browsing chromolithographs primarily on educational websites. I love the color and the artisty of vintage posters, bookplates, and illustrations. I found these circus posters today while browsing through images on google.

If you haven't tried browsing images on google - here's a tip. Select images from the top left hand of the page and enter the type of image you are interested in (e.g. circus artists). Enjoy!

Most of the images in this blog are from random circuses in Europe. The one below is from France and I only wish I could have gone to see Le Papillon - The Butterfly. The costumes must have been amazing! This poster was listed under trapeze artist

Clowns are scary. We used to go to the Shrine Circus in Springfield, Missouri when I was a little girl. It was so much fun! The clowns would come up into the audience and interact with the kids. My girlfriend, Judy and I were scared of clowns and would run away whenever they tried to get near us. This of course, only made them chase us.... I can still hear the screams.

The only image I could find of a lady clown, isn't she cute? Look at the Mary Jane's on her feet.
I did find lots of lady trapeze artists featured in lots of posters, here are a few.


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