November 13, 2012

Victorian Mourning Wreaths

Victoran hair wreaths were created as a memorial for a single family member or included hair samples from an entire family.

This hair wreath was photographed in Iola, KS at the oldest jail in the state in the upstairs living quarters of the warden and his family.  Our historic restoration company is restoring the windows and while I was there taking photos of the building and work progress I took these photos of this wreath under glass.

I have seen many examples, but this is the first one I have seen made in a whispy manner with seed bead centers. 

Excellent proportion and scale with as much emphasis on the vines as the flowers in the work.

Every parlor had one of these wreaths under glass in the parlour in the Victorian era and is now a lost art, but great examples still remain many years later as a testament to the skill of the maker.

Lovely blond hair is collected and transformed into beautiful flowers.

Enjoy the Day My Friends-


Kimberly said...

Julie, you're back! This is an incredible example of a Victorian hair wreath. I've never seen anything like it.
What a curious memento. Thanks so much for showing us the detail of it.
After your nest post I think it seems to fit with the theme of fiber art.

cynthia newman said...

I have always been fascinated with these so thanks for sharing this amazing example! You were lucky to be able to see it up close usually they are so small and hard to photograph.