August 14, 2012

Angels Are Always There

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Recently, I was reminded that angels are always there when you need them.  The reminder arrived in an email request from a lovely woman who wanted to give her close friend something special to let her know that she was loved dearly before her surgery date later this month.  Her friend was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and they were both reeling from the news.

 She wanted to offer her friend a heartfelt gift - something special for encouragement and an offering of hope as her friend begins her journey through cancer treatment or is it really torture?  Well, it is really both.  We have all been touched by cancer in our lives whether personally or through our family and friends.  It is a journey that takes you both through hell and back.  The angels in our lives are never more important to us than at these moments.

We designed this piece together and many expressions were considered, but this is the one that rang true for her.  It is my wish that her friend finds a moment of peace whenever she looks down at her wrist and sees this bracelet as she is receiving her chemotherapy treatments. It's those little moments that become so important when your life is on the line and you need a bit of hope to get through the day.

As a jewelry maker, it is rewarding when you know that your creation is going to make someone feel special.  It is the type of art that can be worn and travels with the wearer, hopefully bringing them little moments of peace and gratitude for their earthly angels that are always there when they need them.

It is finally sprinkling tiny rain drops today and I sense that the trees are as happy as I am to feel the happy wetness washing away the dust of the dry days we have been having of late.  I ventured out for a morning walk and every living soul on the trail looked energized and happy by the cooler temperatures and promise of rain.  It was a great way to start this day.

Blessings to you my friends,


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