January 17, 2012

Statement Turquoise and Silver Rings

At the prompting of my followers, I am back to share what I have been creating in the studio.  Hence my absence from blogging lately.  With the Holidays, came all of my wonderful clients requesting special pieces for presents and I was happily busier than ever.  Thank you for the opportunity to create lovely things for you to bestow upon loved ones.  It is always my pleasure to do so...really.

I love turquoise and use it alot in my work and when I found these giant cabachons I was smitten and knew immediately that I wanted to create some really large silver and turquoise rings with them.  When I say large, that translates to three inches across and two inches in height.

The nail color I am wearing is call Chinchilly by Essie...

A bezel was made to fit the stones and soldered to a sheet of silver that I cut to the shape of the cab and then textured around the edges.  Staying true to the "wordie" in my soul, I added the word "MYSTIFY" to the silver rim encircling the cabachon.

Once the bezel is in place and the alot of polishing, the cab is set in the bezel and the bezel is formed around the edge of the stone to hold it in place.  The ring above is another version of the ring, in a more rounded shape and this one is over three inches across and almost three inches in height.  I added the word "Enthrall" to rim of this one.
The turquoise cabachons sit on a wide sterling silver band which gives the ring stability on the when worn.

I added rose brass bobbles around the rim of this one that is more of an egg shape in a light turquoise color that works really well with the warm bronze color of the brass.  The brass bobbles were added three at a time and was very time consuming and I am not sure I will add them again in the future as they were tedious to the extreme.

I am continuing to work on the series of rings and hope to have another 4 or 5 ready for an upcoming show the first weekend in February.

I hope you like them and thank you for your reminders that I need to take a minute, photograph my work and share with you.  It's so nice to be missed, isn't it?

I have some other new pieces that I am working on as well and will give you a sneek peak before I sign off today.

A lariat style necklace with lovely blue fire crystal briolettes and nature pearls in clusters on a brown crocheted necklace in the tiniest silk thread with a silver heart clasp.  The briolettes flash blue, gray and turquoise...it's really striking and so comfortable to wear you'll forget that you are wearing it.




Alice said...

Glad to have you back! I love the ring, and that necklace is stunning! I'm looking forward to seeing more of you creations.

Larissa Goddess said...

thats an amazing find!