September 8, 2011

Prairie Fire Gemstone Earrings

For me Fall weather just gets me excited...I am already thinking about cozy sweaters, crisp Fall mornings, beautiful Maple trees in flaming red hues, hot chocolate at Football games and pear & cranberry crumbles with vanilla ice cream.  Our temperatures dropped to a very pleasant 70's range which was so nice after the 100+ degree temperatures we have been experiencing over the past month. 

I believe that all of the Earth's creatures were delighted with the cooler temperatures and the rain.  Even the trees seemed happier.  Were the birds singing more than usual or did I just imagine it in my happiness?

Thinking of the upcoming Fall colors inspired new gemstone earrings loaded with garnets, cherry quartz, carnelian, smoky topaz, citrine and lemon jade.

They are large earrings that dangle three inches but are so lightweight and comfortable to wear.  I like to wear them with a crisp white blouse and my favorite pair of jeans.

I have been wire wrapping gemstones in various color palettes of blue, green, brown, and golden yellows... I have added a few pairs to my etsy shop if you would like to pop over for a peek.  I have been busy.busy.busy and shipping my jewelry all over the world.  It's so rewarding.  Whenever I create a piece of jewelry I never know where it will travel and I love that.  It's a pleasure to send my creations off to Norway, Sweden, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Czechoslavakia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Spain, Canada, Finland, and Singapore.  Thank you all for your kindness and support.

We lost our favorite Uncle a couple of weeks ago and we are still reeling from it.  He was such a wonderful man that was so kind, generous and a fellow artist.  He was a wood and stone sculptor who created lovely hand carved angels and sculpted animals in stone.  I'll post a blog about him and some of his work later...when I can bear it.  It's just to soon.  I know you understand.  I miss him so much.  We all do.

So, I have been doing things that Dale would have enjoyed.  Spending time outside enjoying nature and spending time in the studio creating.  I have been experimenting with steel wire creating organic formed neck pieces with stitched sheer fabric and thread.  It seems he is with me wherever I go and I can remember his laughter... which always makes me smile.

I hope you are all well and enjoying your family and friends.

Blessings my Friends - Julie

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Jenni said...

Your earrings are lovely, Julie...very the little dash of garnet. Sorry to hear about your sounds like he was a much loved member of your family.....and artistic, too. Hugs,