August 29, 2011

Vintage Typewrister Photography and a Collection

While at the farm this weekend setting up a special pie safe cabinet that I began filling with my found objects gathered over the years I paused for a moment and gazed at the vintage typewriter I have in the foyer.  I kept sweeping past as I gathered objects from cabinets, drawers and shelves to add to the shelves of the pie safe upstairs.  Each time I would pass the typewriter I couldn't help but gaze at the keys as I swept past.  It's one one my favorite accessories.

The third time I passed the typewriter, I had to pause and grap my camera for a few quick shots as I knew that until I satisfied my visual self the work upstairs would be a distracted attempt at best.

I adore this old typewriter that I found in a junk haunt of mine several years ago.  I can't imagine life without it at this point.  It gives me pleasure every time I pass it in the hall as I go up or down the stairs.

Inspired by Sibella Court's book, ETCETERA where I fell in love with her cabinet filled with her personal collections of seashells, antlers, bugs, etc.  I have decided to gather my own personal collection together in one cabinet a vintage pie safe I purchased from my dear friend, Allene years ago.  It's the perfect size to hold my collection and it sets in the upstairs hallway of the farm.

I have these wonderfully personal things stuffed in drawers, cabinets, shelves tucked away out of sight as they really don't blend well with my usual decor.  But, they make me so happy when I open a drawer and find them inside.  Encourage by Sibella to live this these collections and share them with others I started gathering them together.  It will be a process as they are stashed away in boxes and containers virtually in every room of my house.  My little totems...

I added a tiny figurine of a dog with a ball which reminds me of my little Molly who lives to chase her ball.  A seed pod from my garden last year and a wooden printer's block of a W for my maiden name of Williams.  A bone china oval bowl holds more pods. an owl feather and a chandelier crystal.

This guy is one of my latest acquisitions a taxidermy aligator that I love is perfect for my shelves.  I plan to add my little wooden box of rattlesake rattles and a tortoise shell.  When I carried this little fellow up to the register to purchase him the owner of the show said, "NOOOO, you are not going to buy that!!!"  I laughed and told her that yes indeed I was going to do just that.  She couldn't imagine what on earth I would want with him, but I love it and felt it was a steal at $22.

A vintage glass bottle holds tiny glass buttons, a carved owl in white, a translucent marble bowl from Italy, a wasp nest, a vintage watering nozzle and large apothecary jars that shimmers in the light.

An old pulley wheel holds one of my autograph books from 1948 open with a dried zinnia bloom next to a silver tray holding vintage chandelier crystals and papery money plant pods.

Another pulley wheel, a tiny whisk broom with a green velvet top, a transfer ware pitcher in shades of the same hue of green, vintage bottles and a magnifying glass for up close viewing.

A watercolor of a farm scene behind the Last Supper souvenir from Italy that I love.  If you look closely you can see the's painted in lovely hues of green and is very old and crumbly.

I will add more photos for you as my collection takes form in the pie safe over the next few months.  I plan to add more feathers, shells, antlers, apothecary bottles, magnifying glasses, fossils, vintage binoculars, a doll head I salvaged from a fire and a few botany books I have on hand.

My own personal eclectic collection of things I treasure and enjoy.  Thanks for the inspiration Sibella!

How do you live with your personal collections?  Are they trapped in boxes and drawers?  Are they spread out on a tabletop or showcase?  I'd love to hear about your collections and how you live with them.

Blessings - Julie


Bitsy said...

I loved reading this post and looking at your favorite things! Thanks for sharing them with the world. It is wonderful to know there are others in the world with nutty, precious collections! I DO wish I had a pie safe though. Mine are on a tall shelf that was my mother's. Not a bad place to keep them after all!

Drop by if you are wandering in Bloggerville:

Cindy said...

I love this idea and try to uphold this as well - just the other day I set out a little vignette of my Occupied Japan figurines. I have a little pie safe collection actually. :-) The very word pie safe jumped out at me when I read your blog post today. I'd love to see a picture of yours, with all of your special treasures lining their shelves! Thank you for the inspiration.

Lee said...

Gorgeous. Perfect. Love it all. PS- I want that typewriter...

cynthia newman said...

I love Sibella Court and am so glad I found you on Instagram which lead me to your blog! We have many of the same interests!!
Cynthia (aka tarheelpip)