July 8, 2011

Farm Style Gazebo

Sweet little Rylie, playing in the sprinkler at the farm over the weekend with her little farmgirl pal, Tasha.  Watching them brought back so many memories of my sister and I playing in the sprinkler together as little girls while on vacation in Oregon while we were visiting my Mother's Uncle.  His grandaughters were there for the afternoon and we ran and jumped over the sprinkler all afternoon.

Aren't they the cutest?!

My gazebo was installed on an existing slab of concrete this weekend and it fit perfectly.  My friend, Martin had made this gazebo for me years ago to set up for shows. I have been so excited to get it set up as I had been dreaming of how fabulous it was going to look in my mind for months.  It's even better than I had imagined.  I can see it from all of the windows and it looks so pretty.  It will be fun for parties with a little table set with my vintage floral china and some twinkle lights.  Maybe a homemade coconut cream pie and steaming cup of  hot chocolate this Fall with Dan.

  It helps screen the hoop house a bit, but I still need to plant some evergreens to complete the screening of the hoop house from the flower garden.

A pretty crystal heart and crystal flower necklace designed for Summer available now in my etsy shoppe.

Now, to more serious matters....I have ground hogs living under my front step!  Yes, I said ground hogs as in plural...three of them!  Yikes and help!  What do I do about this ground hog family?

I was just telling my friend, Susan at lunch how clueless and sweet the "one" ground hog was living under my step. I thought he had lost his family and was an orphan all alone.  He was not afraid of people and seemed to be floundering on his own.  Tricky little ground hogs.  I had even fed him an apple because I felt sorry for him.... I know, I know what was I thinking?   Well, the deed is done...I have baited my front step and now I have three hungry ground hogs in residence under my front step.  Two cute ones and one slightly scary looking one.

Do I try to trap them?  Will they go away on their own?  Is there anything I can place around my step that they don't like as in moth balls or something?  Send me your remedies...I promise I will NOT be feeding them anything else in the future.  I am even a bit frightened to use the front door now that I know there are three of them!  I was just out last night watching the fireflies... while were watching me.  Creepy.

Blessings - Julie


Alice said...

Your gazebo looks beautiful! I've been wanting one for several years because we really are lacking for good shade trees right now.

I don't have any suggestions about the critters living under your step, but I do understand how frustrating it can be. We have critters digging constantly under our wrap-around porch all year long. I swear one of them must be renting out space under there! We've tried everything we can think of, trapping, moth balls, smoke bombs, insect bombs, chicken wire covered with cement. But the foxes, skunks, rabbits and who knows what else just keep digging. Good luck!!

Pretty Things said...

Cute little girl and lovely photo of that necklace -- I have SUCH a hard time getting crystal to really SHINE.

Kathy said...

Hoooo boy. Groundhogs. Not a good thing. And be careful because they can be mean. You many have to bring someone out to trap them for you. They can do it humanely with live-traps and then take them away to another exotic groundhog locale! Good luck! - KAthy

OmWeaver said...

Love the gazebo. Perfect. I see you relaxing there.

Teri said...

I'd say call the Ag. Dept. in your area about trapping or Fish and Game. I'm not sure if they can be damaging or not but can they carry diseases like rabies and such? Do they bite if provoked or frightened?