June 30, 2011

French Expression of Love Steampunk Coin Necklace

"L'amor che move il sole e l'altre stelle."

A love that moves the sun and the stars...

Our earthly dream of finding our split apart soul mate and once united together we would possess a love that could move the sun and the stars...oh, it's so deliciously romantic, don't you think?

A watch part was used to create a bezel for the beautiful coin (I brought home from Europe) with a cute little gear symbolizing the mechanics needed by fair maiden to find her one true love.

The blue carved gem symbolizes devotion, the red garnet drop symbolizes passion and the golden chain reflects the sweet bondage of union.

The watch part was riveted in place and I hand stamped a signature on the back.  In hindsight a year would have been a nice addition.

Summer is On here.  It's blazing hot at 102 degrees with a nice breeze and the humidity is relatively low today so it reminds me a bit of Arizona in the Summer.  Which is practically in the desert, so it's hot.  I have been busy in the studio this morning and this afternoon errands have kept me out and about in the heat.  Everyone seems to be moving a bit slow today.

We have a big weekend planned for the celebration of the Fourth of July which will include a huge family dinner and grilling for 15 campers that will set up tents in the West pasture.  We will watch fireworks on the fourth and cheer and applaud loudly for our favorites as they explode in the sky.  It's so much fun, you can hear the sound of car horns tooting away for those that are watching from the air conditioned comfort of their cars.  It's one of our favorite holidays.

We'll all say, "Happy Birthday, Grandma" as we remember my grandmother saying that it was so nice of everyone to celebrate her birthday with her by having a fireworks show in honor of her birthday every year.

I hope you have something wonderful planned for the weekend whether you are in America or elsewhere and may you find a
the love that moves the sun and the stars...

Blessings my Friends - Julie


Alice said...

What a fantastic piece! I love how you incorporated different components to represent the various feelings of love.

We are keeping it small this year for the 4th since mom passed away just a week ago. But dad will still be worrying about the fireworks setting the wheat stubble on fire.


Esther said...

beautiful piece Julie!! lot of messages and symbols!! congrats!