February 18, 2010

American Red Squirrel and Prairie Girl Bracelet

This feeder is the favorite of birds and the squirrels each Winter.  It's a nice design that holds lots of birdseed and allows several birds to feed at once.
We have red squirrels at the farm and I love them.  They are really sweet little guys.  In the city we have only gray squirrels as they are more fierce than the mild mannered red squirrels.  The grays chased them out of the city long ago.

The birds and the squirrels take turns at the feeder.  When the squirrel is feeding the birds feed underneath the feeder cleaning up the seeds that fall out from the screened bottom.

Squirrel antics are always alot of fun as they jockey for time in the feeder.  Look at his red tummy, isn't he cute?  We put up several birdfeeders so that all the little creatures can feeds during the cold days of Winter.

While the squirrels play, I am busy creating new jewelry pieces for upcoming shows and the online store.  This one is a rawhide bracelet featuring a sterling silver lady bug and a turquoise bead.

 I like the simplicity of this bracelet.  Just leather and silver with laces that dangle at the wrist.

Prairie Girl Bracelet - Purchase Here

It's a prairie girl creation that celebrates our Wild West heritage with leather, silver and turquoise.


Rustique Gallery said...

Hi Julie, The bracelet is pretty and simple, and would be great with jeans!
I love to watch the squirrels and birds. We seem to not have any squirrels around my house, but I visit a home that entertains them all. Her feeders are always full, and the squirrels find a way to dangle from the weirdest places! She also feeds wild turkeys. They are a hoot too. Have a great day! Sherry

SharonP said...

I love to watch squirrels and birds, so thanks for sharing the pics. Brings back memories of living back east.

Very pretty bracelet, and I'm enjoying very much the items I bought from you!

Stacey Bruce said...

Julie... I love the squirrel pics! And I really love this bracelet!! Silver and leather...nothing better as far as this earth girl is concerned!