September 1, 2009

Electric Blue Suede Bracelet

Let go, open your heart,
Unfold your spiritual sails,
Open your angelic wings
and soar on the wind.

I am often drawn to leather - I love the feel, smell and the velvety look of suede can make me giddy.  I use it often in my jewelry just so that I can feel it next to my skin.  There's something deeply primal about leather worn on the body.

When I saw this electric blue suede I knew instantly that it would become a bracelet.  I had intended on riveting a copper plate stamped with an inspiration word or expression.  But, while moving things around on my bench, I spilled natural pearls on the table top and there it was - creamy pearls against the electric blue suede.  

Don't you think the creamy natural pearls make this bracelet something extraordinary and a fun piece of jewelry?  

I added vintage buttons for whimsy and a magnetic closure which make jewelry so easy to wear - just a snap to close and a gentle pull to open.  Quick on & off wear.  No fussy clasps to fiddle with.

A tiny silver sparrow in flight is so sweet celebrating the yin/yang of this bracelet - masculine leather balanced with feminine pearls.  A tiny bird in flight reflecting the soaring spirit when life is in balance.  I have added this bracelet to my online store - HERE.

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Lee W - The Way I See It said...

Oh, very nice. I love suede. I have a pale lavender suede shirt that I LOVE.