September 3, 2009

Authentic Life Bracelet - Take Flight

Keep a green tree in your heart 
and maybe a singing bird with come.
- Chinese proverb

When my mind is still and my soul is peaceful inspiration floods my spirit.  I have learned to be patient, to wait for the next creation to come - I don't believe it will come - I know it will come.  I wait for the infinite to guide my hands.

While on a walking meditation deep in the rural countryside with the breeze against my skin, the sound of the leaves rustling overhead and birds singing to me this bracelet was born.  It was already real to me even though it had not been made.  I could see it completed and it seemed as real as the ground underfoot.

The nest is a symbol of wishes - what's in your nest?  Mine is filled with hopes of a garden to sink my hands deep into the soil, hopes of getting healthier over the coming year, nurturing myself and my spirit and the possibility of learning new things.

The bird symbolizes flight or freedom to live my daily life as I choose sharing my gifts of compassion,  generosity and love with others.
Turquoise is known as the healing stone and when worn brings health and vitality to the wearer.  The coming year is all about healing, recovery of spirit and hope of a lovely garden to nurture as I nurture my body, spirit and soul.

I have added this bracelet to my online store - HERE.

Like the sunflower I will turn my face to the sun and grow into the healthy, vivacious, creative, and spiritual sistah buried deep within my soul waiting to be set free.  Look out here she comes with another birthday quickly approaching it's time for reflection and a little soul searching to begin living an even more authentic life in the upcoming year as I being another trip around the sun.

This is my gift to you - hopefully my life can be an inspiration to you to examine your life more closely with me - are you living the life you have always dreamed of?  What can you add to your life to live more authentically?  

Blessings on our journey - xoxo - Julie


Lori said...

what a charming bracelet...i love the little punches of color:)

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Hi Julie!Your beautiful bracelet has only been enhanced by your words! Thank you so much for your lovely visit...we hope you keep coming back!
Marcela & Clara

the wild raspberry said...

what a great bracelet and a lovely blog...

have a wonderful weekend~

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

A truly wonderful post. I love the thoughts and the bracelet.