August 18, 2009

Lee's Altered Book - Lyrical Interpretation Round Robin

The cover of Lee's altered book for the Lyrical Interpretation Round Robin and I love it!  Lee is our hostess for the round robin altered book exchange which is nearing an end.  I will receive one more book and then it will be complete.  I have loved doing this exchange - it has been such an inspiration.  Thank you AGAin, and AGAin....

Inside cover and nifty tags for each artist to personalize and sign in - my tag is the woman's face and sienna paint, Marilyn's tag is the No Minimum tag with Fleur de Lis, and Tammy's tag is the Adore tag.
Another view of the artists tags for Lee's book.  The tags slip into the pocket and contain the artists information on the back of the tag.
This is Lee's first page for her book setting the tone for the project.  Love the pumpkin color and the sun interpretation with the golden metallic center.
My favorite element is the wirework figure - awesome work Lee!  Lee found this great small 45 record album for her altered book and is a perfect book for the Lyrical Interpretation project.
This page is Marilyn's contribution to the altered book project with great use of color and imagery.  See the skeleton on the left side of the page?  I also really like the idea of using the blue ric rac.  
Second page by Marilyn with vintage photo images, anatomical illustrations and more ric rac.

My addition to Lee's book with glossy transparency skeleton, the lyrics running along the border of the page and vintage illustration.
The skeleton has red heart with "smoke" curling out of the rib cage for the lyric - "curl like smoke and breath again".

Lyrics curl around the opening of the page and vintage skull from the 1920's.
Second page using Lee's pumpkin color with rib cage, transparency heart and lyrics - "down your throat inside your ribs" in the opening on the page.
I added Chinese symbols in the yellow circles from a vintage illustration of an anatomical heart.
Tammy's pages featuring tag, photo of a woman, feather, clock face, hands with the sun shining through and a flower.

Second page by Tammy featuring ribbon, tiny key, vintage photo and clock face.
Back cover of Lee's book repeating the same halos from the front.

I found this corset/back brace? in an antique shop and thought of Lee's book.  I included it in the package for Lee to incorporate into the project if she likes it.....  I think with some scissor work, paint and embellishments it could be a possibility.


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Julie! These books are just AMAZING! What wonderful keepsakes when you all finish with them ~ I'm in love with your bird's nest necklaces, they are so beautiful! I'm so glad to find your blog ~ and beautiful artwork too... xxoo, Dawn

Dorthe said...

Wow it will end up being a fantastic book,
and love your jewelery too, I`m here because of Dawn, and I will come back to see more.

Debra said...

Very Cool book! I love the corset back brace. Has a straight jacket feel and would make a great cover for a book.

Love the stamped cuffs too!

Chrisy said...

Just droppin by to give you some blog lovin! All the work in the altered book is just inspiring...fav bits...the wirework...and the record cover! said...

I love your round robin books! What great creativity you all share. I would love to get involved in a project like that!

Lori said...

hi Julie:)
Lee's book looks amazing...the wire figure is awesome, what a clever thing to do!!!
i like that brace/corset thing too...i am not sure which it is either...but it does fit the mood of Lee's book, and i am sure she will love it!!!

Candy said...

Awesome multimedia work. Just came over from The Feathered Nest who was sharing about Lee's giveaway and your wonderful Etsy Shop. Looking forward to wondering down through all the creative creations ;-)

Marlene said...

OMG, another awesome blog to add to my list. Your work is impressive. I love altered books. Always something new to look at I missed before. I don't have a blog so I hope you dont mind plugging my etsy shop "yellowrois1" If this is too crass please just delete my message, I'll understand.

marie said...

Amazing work!! Every page a masterpiece!

I love the slide show of your jewelry in your sidebar. Such wonderful pieces.

I'm enjoying my visit here very much!

Linda K. said...

This is wonderful art in your altered journal. What a neat keepsake it will be. Clever idea with a round robin book! Your birdnests are beautiful!


Angela said...

I love your page with the skeleton transparency!!! I have never participated in a round robin project but am thinking I may have to jump on board if the chance comes around. Can't wait to go see more of your blog....thanks Lee for leading us here!!!

Deb said...

I'm visiting by way of Dawn's site The Feathered Nest. I'm so glad I stopped by. Your work is beautiful! I especially love the bird's nest delicate and pretty. The book pages are interesting and I love the theme!
Thanks for sharing your (many) talents!

Elizabeth G. said...

Hi, Julie!

I've just been perusing your blog, looking at everything. You are wonderfully talented! Wow. I know how you feel about wanting to get back to the country. I'm a country girl at heart and in the past, too. Anyway, I hope you get your burro and goats someday.

God bless,

BB said...

I LOVE altered books! There are so many treasures hidden here and there in an altered book.

The corset is funky fun.


Myrna said...

Hiya Julie! I'm here by way of Feathered Nest! You have a lovely blog..and I LOVE your altered books!
I read thru and enjoyed your house your taste in decor!
Pop over for a visit sometime!

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

You are such an amazing artist!! Thanks so much for the post- the book is amazing. Love the corset/brace and can't wait to play. xoxo

Miss Sandy said...

Hi Julie, I adore the altered book pages! I came by way of Dawn's (The Feathered Nest) to visit your beautiful blog. Your jewelry is beautiful. I'll enjoy browsing around here. Have a sweet evening.

kaniki's said...

Just found you Julie through Dawn- of the feathered nest- and am making my rounds!! What fantastic stuff... My daughter and I just found these amazing recycled journals today that we just can't wait to make into such special creations.. And then our minds were racing on what we were going to make- as journals as our own!! Oh what fun!!

So nice to get a glimpse into your world....

Many Blessings
Kaniki's Prims & Whims

Diana said...

OMG! How cute are these books. I am so inspired! Will definitely be dropping back in to see what you have up your sleeve next!

Debbie said...

Good Morning Julie. Your round robin books are so delightful. Thanks for sharing them. Your blog is so full of wonderful treasure.

Good luck on your journey into blogland.

debbie peysen

Terri said...

What a great round robin. I too like the wire work. Stumbled on your blog through Debra's blog and I'm so glad I did.
Have a great day!

Nelly said...

I love that the book is a record holder. What a wonderful reuse and what amazing art done on it. I love all the textures!