July 14, 2009

Screened Porch Sensations

Everyone I know that has a screened in porch adores them for sitting in the early mornings and at twilight sipping their favorite beverage of the moment.  Gentle breezes and  comfortable furniture combine for a relaxing place to curl up and read a book in a bug free environment.  You just can't beat them during the hot days of Summer.

I decided to showcase my sister in law, Laurie Kessler's screened in porch to extole the virtues of screened in porches.  Laurie's screened in haven has a East/West exposure providing shaded areas at any time of the day - there's always a comfortable place to relax.  

Laurie has brilliantly combined new with vintage pieces making the setting very relaxing and intriguing to the eye.  Everywhere you look you see comfortable wicker furniture, distressed tables, and potted plants in vintage containers like galvanized buckets, enamelware colanders, etc.  What makes this look work is the glossy white paint.  The stark white paint provides a clean and fresh background to the screened in porch and is soothing to the senses and has a calming effect.

Whimsy is added here and there so the feel of the room is not too stark with small twig stars over the screened doors and a tinkling wind chime overhead.  

Laurie designed the screened in porch and her husband, Bob built her a dream room complete with tongue and groove ceiling.  It's a great partnership project that showcases both of their talents in design and construction.

Ceiling fans whirring above provide a constant movement of air making this screened in porch a great place for Sunday afternoon naps on the couch.  Laurie and her husband, Bob have decided to move to a larger home with acreage but, I assure you a screened in porch is currently being designed for their new home only this time I think it may be even larger.....

At night, the small fairy lights and candles transform the room into a more private romantic affair.  The perfect way to end the day after a great meal shared at the small table.  


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration. Some day I'll have a screened in porch. Meanwhile, the garage is filling up with the things I keep buying for it!

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

I WISH for a porch like that- the small black flies we have here make it hard to be outside at times. The kids hate them. Me too.

beth said...

Nice blog with nice picture. Like the fairy lights. Enjoyed going through your blog. Keep it up the good work.