July 23, 2009

Wirework Butterfly Jewelry

Let go,
open your heart, 
unfold your spiritual wings,
and soar on the wind.

In my wirework explorations, this butterfly is coming to life with each bend of the wire and each gemstone put in place.  The butterfly becomes more whole - more complete with each passing hour.  

I look at the butterfly as a whole and am pleased with my work and progress.  I think it will become something special to me, something that will remind me of the happiness in the creation of it each time I look at this butterfly -  I will remember this day.

The gemstones used in this butterfly have been gathered together over many years waiting patiently for me to bring them from the confines of their containers into the light to create this magical butterfly.   A butterfly that was waiting inside my soul for just the right time and place to come to life in my hands from my heart.  

My life has been like this butterfly, little pieces of life experience that have lead me to this day - this NOW- my present.  It has taken years of gathering knowledge, training my fingers to do the work and my mind to visualize what could be.....and then the courage to set it free.

 It's a labor of love, the bending, the shaping, the pulling of the wire tight as it wraps around each curve until it is snipped free of the work.  Fingers become sore from the bending of the wire, but I push on switching from my left to my right hand to ease the pain.  I can't stop - I am in the zone.  The place where time stands still, your breathe becomes rhythmic and even, and you loose yourself in the creation.  A form of meditation for me, I come back to awareness and feel rested,  peaceful and gloriously happy.

So breathe and smile.  
Take a moment to let go, and just be.  
Enjoy it.


Lee W - The Way I See It said...

I need to feel like this. Currently, a little worn down by life...

Marcella Lally said...

Julie you are so good at wire stuff. Love the butterfly!

vintagelaundress said...

What marvelous things that you can do with wire! I'm so happy to have stumbled upon your blog.