March 27, 2009

Altered Book Round Robin - Tammy Lucik

Tammy's book arrived in the mail and I couldn't wait to open the package to see her altered book for the Lyrical Round Robin being hosted by Lee Weber - "thanks, Lee!"

I love Tammy's lyrical selection - "Blackbird" by The Beatles - how cool is this???  The image of the blackbird she selected for the cover is perfect - a little mysterious and grainy - love it!
A closer look at the cover - this wise old bird seems to be keeping a secret - Tammy begins to share the secret with us with the first pages of her book.  Each artist will continue the tale until it reaches its end with the last page using the lyrics from the song Tammy selected for her altered book.
Tammy included a short bio and the lyrics to the song to set  the tone for her book.  I didn't do this in mine, but I will add these things when my book returns to my hands after it makes its journey across the nation from hand to hand.  

The best part of the round robin altered book project is the creative inspiration it provides, learning new techniques and challenging yourself to not dally too long in the process.  The book is off to Vesna next in Ohio.

This page is Tammy's creation with a page from an old book with the words - "Romantic Adventure" circled to catch you eye.  A feather and a branchy stem and a little blackbird canvas.  The lyrics are written in Tammy's hand at the bottom - "Blackbird singing in the dead of night, oh darkness surround me your silence hears my heart".

Another page by Tammy in muted blues, feathers, a broken heart and a feminine touch with the woman's face.  I love this page - it's so loaded with feelings of sadness.... of a broken heart.  Another lyric added - "Take these broken wings and learn to fly."
A page I added to the book of a weeping bird in black and silver on a muted blue background, black lace, metallic cubes, a black feather and glittery medallions.  I added more black feathers along the edge that I tucked between two pages of the book.  Now the book has black feathers sticking out when it is closed.
A two page spread using a sheet of vintage sheet music, an image of a vintage blackbird soaring with a dandelion in it's beak, a vellum envelope containing a vintage postcard of a woman, and a 4 cent stamp with an eagle in flight.  My lyrics - "All your life you were only waiting for this moment to arise."
A better look at the woman in the photo postcard - I stenciled the edge of the sheet music and the envelope with metallic gold paint for interest.  I tucked another feather inside the envelope with the photo.
A side view of Tammy's altered book after two artists have added their embellishments and pages. 

Thank you Tammy for providing the "Blackbird" lyrical interpretation altered book to embrace and add a little bit of me into it.   I can't wait to see the book when it is finished and five artists have dropped their heart and soul into it.  It's going to be something very special.

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YOU ROCK!!!!!!!! It's awesome!